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chore(deps): update dependency eslint-plugin-vue to v7 #122

merged 1 commit into from Nov 14, 2020


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@renovate renovate bot commented Oct 20, 2020

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
eslint-plugin-vue (source) dependencies major ^6.2.2 -> ^7.1.0

Release Notes



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✨ Enhancements

New Rules:
  • #​1328 Added vue/block-tag-newline rule that enforces a line break (or no line break) after opening and before closing block tags.
  • #​1326 Added vue/array-bracket-newline rule applies array-bracket-newline rule to expressions in <template>.
Other changes in Rules:
  • #​1321 Added ignores option to vue/custom-event-name-casing rule.
  • #​1330 Added allowModifiers option to vue/valid-v-slot rule.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • #​1332 Fixed CRLF issues.
  • #​1305 Fixed false positives for recursive components in vue/no-unregistered-components rule.
  • #​1324 Fixed false positives when used via argument in vue/no-unused-properties

⚙️ Updates

  • #​1322 Changed not to use ESLint internal modules.

⚙️ Chores

All commits: v7.0.1 -> v7.1.0


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🐛 Bug Fixes

  • #​1317 Avoid redundant global self-require of the plugin.

All commits: v7.0.0 -> v7.0.1


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🚀 Highlight

  • Support for Vue.js 3.0 "One Piece".
  • Support for ESLint 7.x.
  • Support for ECMAScript 2020.
  • Added 66 new rules.

💥 Breaking Changes

  • #​1209 Change support version of ESLint from 6.0.0 to 6.2.0.
  • Updated presets configs.
    • Changed plugin:vue/base config.
      • #​1237 Removed jsx:true from shareable configs.
      • #​1209 Changed parserOptions.ecmaVersion to 2020.
      • #​1303 Added vue/experimental-script-setup-vars rule.
    • Changed plugin:vue/essential config.
      • Same changes as above.
      • #​1036 Added vue/valid-v-bind-sync rule.
      • #​1036 Added vue/valid-v-slot rule.
      • #​1036 Added vue/no-custom-modifiers-on-v-model rule.
      • #​1036 Added vue/no-multiple-template-root rule.
      • #​1036 Added vue/no-v-model-argument rule.
      • #​1148 Added vue/no-mutating-props rule.
      • #​1156 Added vue/no-arrow-functions-in-watch rule.
      • #​1166 Added vue/custom-event-name-casing rule.
      • #​1239 Added vue/no-dupe-v-else-if rule.
      • #​1281 Added vue/no-v-for-template-key rule.
    • Changed plugin:vue/strongly-recommended config.
      • Same changes as above.
      • #​1036 Added vue/component-definition-name-casing rule.
      • #​1036 Added vue/v-slot-style rule.
      • #​1036 Removed vue/name-property-casing rule.
      • #​1149 Added vue/one-component-per-file rule.
    • Changed plugin:vue/recommended config.
      • Same changes as above.
      • #​1036 Added vue/component-tags-order rule.
      • #​1179 Added vue/no-multiple-slot-args rule.
      • #​1238 Added vue/no-lone-template rule.
  • #​1036 Changed vue/name-property-casing rule to be deprecate.
  • #​1120 Added the support of descriptions in directive comments.
  • #​1120 Added the support for block-level directive comments.
  • Changed the default order option for vue/order-in-components rule.
    • Add options for Vue.js 3.x.
      • #​1181 emits to after props.
      • #​1181 setup to after emits.
      • #​1181 beforeUnmount and unmounted to LIFECYCLE_HOOKS.
      • #​1181 renderTracked and renderTriggered to LIFECYCLE_HOOKS.
    • Add options for Vue.js 2.x.
      • #​1181 provide and inject to after mixins.
      • #​1181 errorCaptured to LIFECYCLE_HOOKS.
    • Add options for Vue Router.
      • #​1107 ROUTER_GUARDS (beforeRouteEnter, beforeRouteUpdate and beforeRouteLeave) to after provide / inject (provide / inject was added after mixins).
    • Add options for Nuxt.
      • #​1107 key to after name.
      • #​1107 layout, middleware, validate, scrollToTop, transition, loading to after ROUTER_GUARDS (ROUTER_GUARDS was added after provide / inject).
      • #​1107 watchQuery to after watch.
    • Change options for Nuxt.
      • #​1107 head move from after methods to after data.
      • #​1268 fetch move from after props / propsData to after data.

✨ Enhancements

  • #​1120 Added the support of descriptions in directive comments.
  • #​1120 Added the support for block-level directive comments.
  • #​1073, #​1088 Updated the rules of this plugin to detect Vue.js 3.x components.
  • #​1064 Updated the rules of this plugin to be able to analyze the arrow function component options.
  • #​1152 Changed casing conversion logic to behave like Vue core logic.
  • Changed plugin:vue/essential config.
  • Changed plugin:vue/strongly-recommended config.
  • Changed plugin:vue/recommended config.
New Rulesets:
  • Added plugin:vue/vue3-essential config.
  • Added plugin:vue/vue3-strongly-recommended config.
  • Added plugin:vue/vue3-recommended config.
New Rules:
for Vue.js 3.x:
  • #​1039 Added vue/no-deprecated-v-bind-sync rule that reports when deprecated .sync modifier is used on v-bind directive. Related to RFC0005
  • #​1043 Added vue/no-deprecated-filter rule that reports usage of filters syntax removed in Vue.js 3.0.0+. Related to RFC0015
  • #​1065 Added vue/no-ref-as-operand rule that reports cases where a ref is used incorrectly as an operand. Related to RFC0013
  • #​1066 Added vue/no-setup-props-destructure rule that reports the destructuring of props passed to setup causing the value to lose reactivity. Related to RFC0013
  • #​1067 Added vue/no-lifecycle-after-await rule that reports the lifecycle hooks after await expression. Related to RFC0013
  • #​1079 Added vue/no-deprecated-v-on-number-modifiers rule that reports use of deprecated KeyboardEvent.keyCode modifier on v-on directive. Related to RFC0014
  • #​1083 Added vue/no-deprecated-data-object-declaration rule that reports use of deprecated object declaration on data property. Related to RFC0019
  • #​1097 Added vue/no-deprecated-events-api rule that reports use of deprecated $on, $off and $once api (removed in Vue.js v3.0.0+). Related to RFC0020
  • #​1068 Added vue/no-watch-after-await rule that reports the watch() after await expression. RFC0013
  • #​1099, #​1105 Added vue/require-toggle-inside-transition rule that reports elements inside <transition> that do not control the display. Related to RFC0017
  • #​1100 Added vue/no-deprecated-inline-template rule that reports deprecated inline-template attributes (removed in Vue.js v3.0.0+) Related to RFC0016
  • #​1117 Added vue/no-deprecated-html-element-is rule that reports deprecated the is attribute on HTML elements (removed in Vue.js v3.0.0+). Related to RFC0027
  • #​1118 Added vue/no-deprecated-vue-config-keycodes rule that reports use of deprecated Vue.config.keyCodes (removed in Vue.js 3.0.0+). Related to RFC0014
  • #​1119 Added vue/no-deprecated-functional-template rule that reports deprecated the functional template (removed in Vue.js 3.0.0+). Related to RFC0007
  • #​1124 Added vue/require-explicit-emits rule that reports event triggers not declared with the emits option. Related to RFC0030
  • #​1129 Added vue/return-in-emits-validator rule enforces that a return statement is present in emits validators. Related to RFC0030
  • #​1130 Added vue/no-deprecated-v-on-native-modifier rule that reports use of deprecated .native modifier on v-on directive. Related to RFC0031
  • #​1133 Added vue/no-deprecated-dollar-listeners-api rule that reports use of deprecated $listeners. Related to RFC0031
  • #​1177 Added vue/no-deprecated-dollar-scopedslots-api rule that reports use of deprecated $scopedSlots. Related to RFC0006
  • #​1178 Added vue/require-slots-as-functions rule enforces the properties of $slots to be used as a function. Related to RFC0006
  • #​1211 Added vue/no-deprecated-destroyed-lifecycle rule reports use of deprecated destroyed and beforeDestroy lifecycle hooks.
  • #​1253 Added vue/valid-v-is rule that reports wrong usage of v-is directives.
  • #​1289 Added vue/no-v-for-template-key-on-child rule that reports the key of the <template v-for> placed on the child elements.
  • #​1302 Added vue/no-deprecated-props-default-this rule that reports the use of this within the props default value factory functions.
  • #​1303 Added vue/experimental-script-setup-vars rule that prevent variables defined in <script setup> to be marked as undefined.
for Vue.js 2.x:
  • #​1038 Added vue/no-multiple-template-root rule to template to check for a single root element. This rule has been separated from the previous vue/valid-template-root rule.
  • #​1039 Added vue/no-v-model-argument rule that does not allow argument to v-model.
  • #​1039 Added vue/no-custom-modifiers-on-v-model rule that reports when v-model is used with custom modifiers on Vue Component.
  • #​1281 Added vue/no-v-for-template-key rule that disallow the key placed on the <template v-for>. This rule has been separated from the previous vue/no-template-key rule.
  • #​1086 Added vue/no-template-no-target-blank rule that disallows using target="_blank" attribute without rel="noopener noreferrer" to avoid a security vulnerability.
  • #​1114 Added vue/no-unregistered-components rule that disallow using components that are not registered inside templates.
  • #​755 Added vue/html-comment-indent rule that enforce consistent indentation in HTML comments.
  • #​755 Added vue/html-comment-content-newline rule that enforce unified line brake in HTML comments.
  • #​755 Added vue/html-comment-content-spacing rule that enforce unified spacing in HTML comments.
  • #​627 #​1144 Added vue/no-duplicate-attr-inheritance rule that warn to apply inheritAttrs: false when it detects v-bind="$attrs" being used.
  • #​871 #​1145 Added vue/no-unused-properties rule that report unused properties.
  • #​633 #​1148 Added vue/no-mutating-props rule that reports mutation of component props.
  • #​671 Added vue/one-component-per-file rule that checks if there is only one component per file.
  • #​1072 Added vue/no-potential-property-typo rule that disallow a potential typo in your component options.
  • #​1155 Added vue/no-arrow-functions-in-watch rule that disallow use an arrow function to define a watcher.
  • #​1166 Added vue/custom-event-name-casing rule that enforces using kebab-case custom event names.
  • #​1179 Added vue/no-multiple-slot-args rule disallows to pass multiple arguments to scoped slots.
  • #​1185 Added vue/no-bare-strings-in-template rule that disallows the use of bare strings in <template>.
  • #​1186 Added vue/no-useless-v-bind rule that reports v-bind with a string literal value.
  • #​1187 Added vue/no-useless-mustaches rule that reports mustache interpolation with a string literal value.
  • #​1191 Added vue/no-restricted-v-bind rule that disallow specific argument in v-bind.
  • #​1192 Added vue/no-restricted-static-attribute rule that disallow specific attribute.
  • #​1213 Added vue/no-restricted-component-options rule that disallow specific component options.
  • #​1218 Added vue/no-multiple-objects-in-class rule disallows to pass multiple objects into array to class.
  • #​1222 Added vue/no-empty-component-block rule disallows the <template> <script> <style> block to be empty.
  • #​1238 Added vue/no-lone-template rule that disallow unnecessary <template> element.
  • #​1239 Added vue/no-dupe-v-else-if rule that disallow duplicate conditions in v-if / v-else-if chains.
  • #​1267 Added vue/v-for-delimiter-style rule that enforces which delimiter (in or of) should be used in v-for directives.
Core Extends:
  • #​1140 Added vue/comma-spacing rule that applies comma-spacing rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1141 Added vue/prefer-template rule that applies prefer-template rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1142 Added vue/template-curly-spacing rule that applies template-curly-spacing rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1157 Added vue/space-in-parens rule that applies space-in-parens rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1159 Added vue/comma-style rule that applies comma-style rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1158 Added vue/no-extra-parens rule that applies no-extra-parens rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1171 Added vue/no-useless-concat rule that applies no-useless-concat rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1173 Added vue/dot-notation rule that applies dot-notation rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1193 Added vue/object-property-newline rule that applies object-property-newline rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1194 Added vue/object-curly-newline rule that applies object-curly-newline rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1200 Added vue/operator-linebreak rule that applies operator-linebreak rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1201 Added vue/func-call-spacing rule that applies func-call-spacing rule to expressions in <template>.
  • #​1243 Added vue/no-sparse-arrays rule that applies no-sparse-arrays rule to expressions in <template>.
New Options:
  • #​1070 Added ignorePattern option to vue/no-unsed-vars rule to disables reporting of variable names that match the regular expression.
  • #​1116 Added disallowVueBuiltInComponents and disallowVue3BuiltInComponents option that reports Vue built-in component names to the vue/no-reserved-component-names rule.
  • #​1167 Added reportUnusedDisableDirectives option to vue/comment-directive.
  • #​1162 Added closeBracket.startTag, closeBracket.endTag and closeBracket.selfClosingTag options to vue/html-indent rule.
    So that the closeBracket offset value can be set for each tag type.
  • #​1204 Added ignoreIncludesComment option to vue/v-on-function-call rule.
  • #​1212 Added "v-model-argument" and "v-model-custom-modifiers" to the syntax checked by the vue/no-unsupported-features rule.
  • #​1254 Added "v-is" to the syntax checked by the vue/no-unsupported-features rule.
Other Changes in Rules:
for Vue.js 3.x:
  • #​1038 Changed to remove a single root element check from vue/valid-template-root rule.
  • #​1039 Changed vue/valid-v-model rule to allow v-model argument. Related to RFC0011
  • #​1039 Changed vue/valid-v-model rule to allow v-model custom modifiers. Related to RFC0011
  • #​1082 Changed vue/no-dupe-key, vue/no-reserved-keys rules to handle setup.
  • #​1199 Changed vue/require-direct-export rule to allow Vue 3 functional component.
  • #​1181 Added the Vue.js 3.x options to the default order option for vue/order-in-components rule.
  • #​1254 Changed the vue/attributes-order rule to handle v-is as DEFINITION category.
  • #​1254 Changed the vue/no-unregistered-components rule to handle v-is like :is.
  • #​1254 Changed the vue/no-unused-components rule to handle v-is like :is.
  • #​1258 Changed to report slot-scope when "^3.0.0" is set in vue/no-unsupported-features rule.
  • #​1281 Changed vue/no-template-key rule to allow v-for key.
  • #​1287 Changed vue/valid-v-for rule to not report when placing key on <template>.
  • #​1287 Changed vue/require-v-for-key rule to not report when placing key on <template>.
  • #​1036 Changed vue/name-property-casing rule to be deprecate.
  • #​1154 Changed vue/no-side-effects-in-computed-properties rule to track the this variable.
  • #​1160 Changed vue/require-valid-default-prop rule to track the return statement in the function defined in default.
  • #​1160 Changed vue/require-valid-default-prop rule to check BigInt.
  • #​1160 Improved the location of reporting errors in vue/require-valid-default-prop rule.
  • #​1162 Changed vue/html-indent rule to calculate the base point of the indent offset of the closing bracket of the end tag by the start tag.
  • #​1183 Improved autofix of vue/order-in-components rule to understand "Nullish Coalescing".
  • #​1184 Changed to not report that a value is required when parsing error for vue/valid-v-bind-sync, vue/valid-v-bind, vue/valid-v-else-if, vue/valid-v-for, vue/valid-v-html, vue/valid-v-if, vue/valid-v-model, vue/valid-v-on, vue/valid-v-show, vue/valid-v-slot and vue/valid-v-text rules.
  • #​1189 Changed vue/component-tags-order rule to allow name array to be specified with one order option.
  • #​1189 Changed the default order option for vue/component-tags-order rule.
  • #​1107 Added Nuxt and Vue Router properties to the default order option.
  • #​1181, #​1107 Changed the default order option for vue/order-in-components rule.
  • #​1017 Added supports for ES2020 syntaxes to vue/html-indent and vue/script-indent rules.
  • #​1209 Added supports for Optional Chaining (ES2020) to rules.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • #​1146 Fixed false positives for member call and autofix error in vue/v-on-function-call rule.
  • #​1152 Fixed some casing issues.
  • #​1164 Fixed false negatives when v-for and v-slot mixed or use destructuring for vue/no-unused-var rule.
  • #​1190 Fixed false positives for getter/setter in vue/no-dupe-keys rule.
  • #​1204 Fixed wrong autofix in vue/v-on-function-call rule.
  • #​1208 Fixed false negatives for TemplateLiteral in vue/prop-name-casing rule.
  • #​1206 Fixed crash when is attribute with no value in vue/no-unused-components rule.
  • #​1242 Fixed vue/require-valid-default-prop and vue/require-default-prop rules crash on sparse arrays.
  • #​1262 Fixed reporting "Use the latest vue-eslint-parser" message in non-vue files.
  • #​1154 #​1283 Fixed false positives for spread elements in vue/no-side-effects-in-computed rule.

All commits: v6.2.2 -> v7.0.0

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@renovate renovate bot force-pushed the renovate/eslint-plugin-vue-7.x branch from 2b9943a to 1835c98 Compare October 20, 2020 14:29
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yoyo837 commented Oct 22, 2020

Waiting for this.

@renovate renovate bot force-pushed the renovate/eslint-plugin-vue-7.x branch from 1835c98 to 003571a Compare October 26, 2020 10:28
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@clarkdo is this on your radar? :)

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clarkdo commented Nov 12, 2020

Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have a look within this week.

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