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[Experimental] A fast Node 10+ HTTP middleware framework
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Nuxt currently depends on connect, a lightweight middleware framework for Node. connect currently has 10 dependencies, some of which haven't had updates in a long time. All are still written in ES5-style JavaScript and some still try to specifically address Node 0.8 shortcomings.

- connect@3.6.6
  - debug@2.6.9
  - finalhandler@1.1.0
    - encodeurl@1.0.2
    - escape-html@1.0.3
    - on-finished@2.3.0
      - ee-first@1.1.1
    - statuses@1.4.0
    - unpipe@1.0.0
  - parseurl@1.3.2
  - utils-merge@1.0.1

@nuxt/metal is an attempt to provide a fully backwards-compatible rewrite of connect in modern JavaScript, with added support for async middleware and a restructured codebase with many simplifications, cleanups and idiomatic rewrites. All without compromising performance, if not improving it slightly.



  • @nuxt/metal: 844k requests in 40.1s, 103 MB read
  • connect: 814k requests in 40.1s, 99.3 MB read
autocannon -c 100 -d 40 -p 10 localhost:3000


This module is largely based on the work of TJ Holowaychuk, Douglas Christopher Wilson, Jonathan Ong and the awesome people at Joyent. This package is simply a massive restructuring of all original code, with only a few minor pieces removed and improved upon.

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