@Atinux Atinux released this Aug 29, 2017 · 1985 commits to dev since this release

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  • Add <no-ssr> component (from vue-no-ssr), it allows you to render component only for client-side, see example
  • Add process.mode to let you know in which mode your are into your application ('universal' or 'spa')
  • Add loading.rtl option (default false) to set the direction of the progress bar from right to left
  • Advanced: Plugins can inject a value into app and every vue instances, see example for more details


  • Move store replaceState after plugins calls, this way, plugins can update the store before hydratation on client-side (8dca358)
  • Fix "Invalid character in error Message" (#437, #438, @yuchonghua)
  • Fix renderer: resolve handler key as option for serverMiddleware (459363b, #1274)
  • Rename context.hotReload to context.isHMR
  • build.extend can now return the new config (PR #1447, fix #1288)
  • Fix problem with route chunk names (#1461)
  • Fix asyncData with nested pages in production build (#1248)
  • Avoid setting babe.presets if build.babel.babelrc is true
  • Router base is now added to all middleware so nuxt won't conflict with other middleware (1ca5739)
  • Fix static import in css with alias conflict (#1435)