@pi0 pi0 released this Nov 16, 2018 · 40 commits to 2.x since this release

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📝 Release Notes

With v2.3, Nuxt.js is splitted into smaller packages (Aka a mono-repo). This means smaller packages, independent versioning support and ability to replace any part of Nuxt.js without dirty hacks. Before this release, we carefully tested the latest updates using edge release channel against real-world projects and there should be no breaking changes.

Please note that for upgrading Nuxt.js just changing version inside package.json is not enough. Please use yarn upgrade or npm upgrade so that the final directory structure of node_modules will be correct. In case of problems clean up node_modules and yarn.lock/package-lock.json. Still having problems? open an issue in cmty!

🔧 Fixes and Enhancements

  • CLI and DX improvements (#4259)
  • CLI cleanups and improvements (#4222)
  • Improve nuxt-loading component (#3891)
  • Set defaults for port and host values (#4207)
  • Dynamically read environment variables when loading nuxt.config.js (PR #4208)
  • Support custom pushAssets function to control http2 push headers (#4198)
  • Reduce duplicate code in routes.js (#4121)
  • Print warning when using build.extractCSS.allChunks (#4097)
  • Throw an error when layout property is not string (#4142)
  • Use require.resolve to get the path of babel-loader (#4150)
  • Check style resources for existence (#4155)
  • Serialize config head fn shorthand correctly (#4283)
  • Don't accept ranges (#3870) (#4295)
  • Correctly resolve layouts with nested custom dir (#4135)
  • Warn on unknown mode (#4303)
  • Use postcss.order to change order of postcss plugins(#4318)
  • Fix for double escaping static class on SSR (#4312)
  • Fix stable route sorting for Node v11 (#4331)

🎉 New Features

  • Modern build support (#4231) (#4241) (#4254) (#4264)
  • Dedicated help command (nuxt help [cmd]) (#4248)
  • List commands nuxt --help (#4245)
  • Support asynchronous nuxt.config.js (#4021)

⚡️ Dependency Upgrades

❄️ Deprecations

  • Deprecate styleResources because of performance issues. Use our new community module instead (it's a drop-in replacement) (#4302)
  • Deprecate callback-based asyncData, fetch and middleware methods. Use Promises or async/wait instead. (#4256)

💄 Internal Refactors

  • Migrate nuxt into a mono-repo (#4051)
  • Refactor core into @nuxt/core, @nuxt/server and @nuxt/vue-renderer (#4202)
  • Refactor builder into @nuxt/builder and @nuxt/webpack (#4171)
  • Move @nuxtjs/babel-preset-app into nuxt mono-repo and republish it as @nuxt/babel-preset-app (#4205)
  • Move common config to @nuxt/config (#4212)
  • Packaging and development improvements (#4193)
  • Extract eslint-config into own package (#4108)
  • Several test utils cleanups (PR #4180)