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pimlie feat: enable onload callbacks (#414)
* refactor(examples): run ssr example from server

* chore: switch to babel for build

buble complains too much

* feat: enable loaded callbacks

feat: add skip option

* examples: add async-callback browser example

* examples: fix server

* examples(ssr): add reactive script with callback

* fix: also skip on ssr

* chore: remove unused var

* feat: only add mutationobserver if DOM is still loading

feat: disconnect mutation observer once DOM has loaded

* examples: pass vmid to loadCallback instead of el

* feat: also support load callbacks for link/style tags

* test: add unit tests for load

* test: add load e2e test

* chore: fix lint

* chore: remove unused files

* test: fix e2e load callback test

* test: fix attempt

* examples: ie9 compatiblity

destructuring doesnt work in ie9

* fix: add onload attribute on ssr

dont rely on mutationobserver

* chore: lint ci conf

* refactor: remove loadCallbackAttribute config option

test: fix coverage for load

* test: improve coverage

* fix: only use console when it exists (for ie9)

* chore: fix coverage
Latest commit fc71e1f Jul 24, 2019
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