Asciidoctorj Plugin For Apache Roller
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Roller Asciidoctorj Plugin

Tested environment

  • Roller 5.1.1
  • WildFly 8.2.0.Final

How to use for WildFly

Install Apache Roller

svn co roller
cd roller; mvn clean install

Build roller-asciidoctorj-plugin

git clone
cd roller-asciidoctorj-plugin; mvn clean package -Droller.version=${roller version here}

Put the plugin jar into your Roller deployment

cp target/roller-asciidoctorj-plugin-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar ${ROLLER_HOME}/WEB-INF/lib

Install Asciidoctorj as module

curl > /tmp/module.xml
${WILDFLY_HOME}/bin/ --connect
module add \
 --name=org.asciidoctor \
 --module-xml=/tmp/module.xml \
 --resources=${PLUGIN_HOME}/target/dependency/asciidoctorj-1.5.2.jar,${PLUGIN_HOME}/target/dependency/jcommander-1.35.jar,${PLUGIN_HOME}/target/dependency/jruby-complete- \

Add dependency to Asciidoctorj at ${ROLLER_HOME}/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (make sure the file is ended with a line break)

Dependencies: org.asciidoctor

Add FQCN of the plugin into your\
org.nailedtothex.roller.AsciidoctorPlugin \
, \
, \

How to use for except WildFly

I've not tested yet but just copy dependencies into your Roller deployment instead of module installation then it would work.

cp ${PLUGIN_HOME}/target/dependency/asciidoctorj-1.5.2.jar \
   ${PLUGIN_HOME}/target/dependency/jcommander-1.35.jar \
   ${PLUGIN_HOME}/target/dependency/jruby-complete- \

How to set options/attributes

The plugin loads that from a file named in the root of classpath. for example you can specify imagesdir like following:


{0} will be replaced by the handle of each weblog.