Greasemonkey scripts to improve the accessibility of various websites (e.g. Pandora) and to solve common web accessibility problems (e.g. windowless Flash).
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  • Author: James Teh <> & other contributors
  • Copyright: 2011-2017 NV Access Limited

AxSGrease is a set of GreaseMonkey scripts to improve the accessibility of various websites.


Before you can install any of these scripts, you must first install GreaseMonkey. Once that is done, simply activate the download link for the relevant script below to download and install it.


Following is information about each script.

Bugzilla Accessibility Fixes

Download Bugzilla Accessibility Fixes

This script improves the accessibility of bug pages in the Bugzilla bug tracker used by many projects. It does the following:

  • Makes the bug title, attachments heading and comment number headings accessible as headings.
  • Sets alternate text for user images so that screen readers don't derive an unfriendly name from the URL.

GitHub Accessibility Fixes

Download GitHub Accessibility Fixes

This script improves the accessibility of GitHub. It does the following:

  • Makes various headings accessible as headings, including:
    • Comment headers in issues, pull requests and commits
    • Commit group headers in commit listings
    • The commit title for single commits
    • The header for each changed file in pull requests and commits
  • Ensures that various data tables aren't treated as layout tables, including:
    • The file content when viewing a single file
    • File listings
    • Diff content
    • Tables in Markdown content
  • When there are lines of code which can be commented on (e.g. a pull request or commit), puts the comment buttons after (rather than before) the code.
  • Makes the state of checkable menu items accessible; e.g. in the watch and labels pop-ups.
  • Marks "Add your reaction" buttons as having a pop-up, focuses the first reaction when the add button is pressed and makes the labels of the reaction buttons less verbose.

Kill Windowless Flash

Download Kill Windowless Flash

Adobe Flash objects can be made to be accessible. Even if they aren't and only contain unlabelled controls, it might still be possible to use these objects with some initial sighted help or by trial and error. However, it's impossible for accessibility tools to interact at all with Flash objects that are "windowless" (also known as transparent or opaque). This script makes windowless Flash objects windowed so that there may be a chance of accessing them.

Monorail Accessibility Fixes

Download Monorail Accessibility Fixes

This script improves the accessiblity of the Monorail issue tracker used by Google for Chromium-related projects. It does the following:

  • Makes issue titles and comment headings accessible as headings.
  • Makes the star control and status accessible.

Slack Accessibility Fixes

Download Slack Accessibility Fixes

This script improves the accessibility of Slack. It does the following:

  • Reorders some elements which appear in the wrong place for accessibility. For example, using this script, the input area appears near the bottom of the page as it does visually instead of at the top.
  • Makes messages accessible as list items.
  • Makes message timestamps appear on a single line instead of crossing several lines.
  • Makes star controls (and their statuses) accessible.
  • Makes options for each message (Start a thread, Share message, etc.) accessible. To access these, move the mouse to the text of a message. They then appear above the author's name as buttons.
  • Makes the close link for the about channel pane accessible.
  • Makes day separators in the message history and the about channel pane heading accessible as headings.
  • Reports incoming messages automatically (using a live region).
  • Hides an editable area which isn't shown visually.

Telegram accessibility fixes

Download Telegram Accessibility Fixes

This script improves the accessibility of the Telegram instant messaging web interface.

It so far does the following:

  • Marks the chat history as a live region so new messages are announced automatically.