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Application Support

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About this page.

This page holds links to applications that work well with NVDA.


Winamp is a media player for windows that was revised in 2018. It can now even play podcasts and rip CD's.

Download or update Winamp


VD is an open source video editor that just so happens to be accessible. The developer did not code with accessibility in mind, which is why a few controls in the preferences dialog still do not read, but this is included here because all main menus read and the program has a wide array of keyboard shortcuts.

Download Virtual Dub here.

Zoom conferencing.

Zoom is a conferencing application that can also double as a screen sharing application. Since Zoom has made a commitment to accessibility their software keeps getting better in regards to accessibility. Below will be links and contact emails for feedback.

Download the latest version of Zoom

Zoom's main accessibility page

Contact Zoom's accessibility team by email.

Kindle for PC.

In 2017 Amazon worked with NV Access to make their Kindle software accessible without the accessibility add-on. The accessibility version is out of date. It's best to download the latest version of the program from the link below.

Download Kindle for PC here.

Read the Kindle for PC section in the user guide for more help and information.

Mozilla Firefox (recommended web browser)

Mozilla Firefox provides secure and accessible web browsing experience. [ Although some older versions are supported by NVDA, the latest stable version is strongly recommended.

View Firefox keyboard shortcuts here.

Mozilla Thunderbird (recommended email client)

Mozilla Thunderbird provides the best overall email experience with NVDA. Latest stable version is recommended.

Basic TB shortcuts can be found here.

OE Classic.

OE Classic is a modern email client that was built to be as simple as Outlook express used to be. Even though this is not an open source project the developer tests with NVDA. Version 2.8 was the version where accessibility started to become a major asset. There's a free version of the software and a paid version of the software that ads some features. The pro version of the software serves as the beta tests, also. Beta releases are not free but accessibility is still a major desire.

Download the free version here.

Ninite's accessible programs.

Ninite has a collection of, what they believe, to be accessible programs. The list is updated by user input though so if there's a categorization error it's best to let them know about it. Otherwise, the list may never get updated.

View their accessible software page here.

Google Chrome

A faster alternative to Internet Explorer, Chrome works somewhat well with NVDA. The latest stable version is recommended for daily use, but Canary builds offer more accessibility but potential errors.

Various Microsoft software and web applications.

Microsoft has a wide array of accessible tools and services that work with the latest version of NVDA. The below link is a landing page that lists accessibility support pages to various Microsoft applications, including Office and more. You will need to select the service you want accessibility information about.

Use Microsoft products and services with a screen reader


LibreOffice is an open source office suite that currently works well with the latest version of NVDA. Accessibility is constantly being worked on so the more feedback and developers they have contributing the better it will become down the road. Below will be some accessibility resources for the program.

Subscribe to their accessibility email list

Download or update to the latest LibreOffice.

Their general accessibility resources wiki.

General keyboard commands.

How to view or change keyboard shortcuts while in the various LibreOffice applications.

Keyboard commands for writer

Keyboard commands for sheets.

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is an alternative office suite to Microsoft Office and is reasonably accessible. Currently, OpenOffice provides the same level of access as the now abandonned IBM Lotus Symphony. Minimum supported version is 4.1.

Download or update OpenOffice

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