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[][[# Connect with the NVDA Community

Official project resources

Gitter Chat Room

If you would like to text chat with the developers or other NVDA users directly, other than sending -emails, you may wish to join the NVDA chat room on Gitter. It is the chat room that has been set up for discussions of all issues related to NVDA. Also, you may share tips and personal stories about using NVDA, and you may ask relevant questions after reviewing the website and product documentation, or feel free to chat about more expected features and/or bug fixes.

If you prefer using IRC, you can also connect to Gitter using an IRC client.

Other Community Sites, Blogs and Email Lists

International users' mailing List (English)

To join the users' list, send a blank email to:

You can also visit the homepage of the users' email list where you can subscribe, search and read list archives.

Resources for specific languages

Since the creation of NVDA, the community has created a number of independent websites, blogs and mailing lists to discuss all issues related to NVDA in their native languages. The following list shows those web resources in alphabetical order.


The web resources mentioned in the following list are published independently; that's to say, they are written entirely by NVDA community around the world and thus the information/opinions expressed may not be the same as that held by the NVDA project team.

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