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NVDA Guides

This page provides guides for using NVDA contributed by the community. The NVDA User Guide (also accessible from within NVDA itself via the Help sub-menu in the NVDA menu) is the primary, official documentation for NVDA.

Articles specific to development can be found on the [/wiki/Development development page].

Wiki Articles for Users

Our Wiki contains various user articles which may be of use: ListTagged(UserArticles)

Users are free to edit the existing articles and/or create new articles in this wiki. If you wish to contribute, you need to [/register register an account] or [/login log in] if you already have an account. See the TracWiki documentation for more information about this wiki. Please tag new user articles with the UserArticles keyword.

Text Tutorials

Use Microsoft products and applications with a screen reader.

The above and below link is a one stop resource for all of Microsoft's services and products. The page lists each application. Click the application link to see accessibility information about that application or keyboard commands for that application.

Use a screen reader with Microsoft Products.

NVDA tutorials on a variety of NVDA basics by Gene NZ.

This webpage explains NVDA basics, and has been done from a users perspective in plain English for those new to NVDA.

NVDA tutorials on how to install additional NVDA components by Gene NZ.

This webpage explains how to install additional components into NVDA, such as voices and plugins etc. This is designed to help those new to NVDA.

NVDA road tested programs. by Gene NZ

This webpage is a list of categories of programs from people from the community who have tested programs with NVDA and passed this information on to me. While this list is not extensive, it may give you a guide as to which programs have been tested to date.

Audio Tutorials

Audio Tutorial Series by Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee has recorded a 9 part audio tutorial series on NVDA covering everything from installation, popular applications, to add-ons.

NVDA Audio Demonstration by Michael Curran (2007)

Michael Curran, as a developer of NVDA, has recorded a 40 minute audio demonstration of using the screen reader. He also talks about the advantages/disadvantages,how the screen reader is licenced and so on. Please note that this is now quite outdated, although much of the information is still useful. [/audio/nvda_demonstration_r380.ogg Download Michael Curran's NVDA audio demonstration [ogg vorbis]]

Training videos and audio from AFB.

AFB, in the USA, has created many tutorials with the NVDA screen reader. As more are created from the AFB they will be added to the page above. Even though the link includes videos users can download audio versions of the videos with a link provided by AFB.

NVDA audio tutorials by Gene NZ

Go here To listen to a variety of audio tutorials on NVDA. These audio tutorials have been made with new NVDA users in mind, (whether changing from another screen reader, or using NVDA for the first time). I hope others may find them useful as well.

Google Apps tutorials.

A series of tutorials is being worked on by Derek Riemer to explain how to use google apps.

Using NVDA with iTunes

Matt Turner has recorded a couple of audio tutorials on how to use iTunes with NVDA. The list below holds the parts.

  1. Part 1.
  2. Part 2.