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Add readme for NVDA Helper (PR #10577)

- Also fix a typo in #10552
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## NVDA Helper

Parts of NVDA Helper are used to capture and cache information, in-process, within web browsers and other applications.
This cache is called a virtual buffer.
While virtual buffers apply to several different application types, it may first be easiest to think about how they
work with browsers, the rest of this document will take a web browser centric view unless specified otherwise.

### Configuring Visual Studio
The following steps won't prepare a buildable solution, but it will enable intellisense.
You should still build on the command line to verify errors.

- Ensure you have built NVDA on the command line first.
- Create a new project from existing code
- Type: Visual C++
- Set the `<repo root>/nvdaHelper/` directory as the project file location.
- Project name: "nvdaHelper"
- Add files to the project from these folders: checked.
- Other defaults are fine
- Includes: `../include;../miscdeps/include;./;../build\x86_64;%(AdditionalIncludeDirectories)`
- Force Includes: `winuser.h`
- Create the project.
- Open the project settings and change the following:
- General -> Windows SDK: 10.0.17763.0 (or whatever is the latest on your system)
- C/C++ -> Language -> C++ Language Standard -> ISO C++14 Standard (/std:c++14)

### Virtual Buffer Backends

This code runs within the target applications process, it is responsible for building the virtual buffer.
The base classes are in the `storage.h` and `storage.cpp`.
The `storage` classes are implementation agnostic, they don't use the accessibility APIs directly and thus don't have
the same performance concerns as the code that directly interacts with the accessibility APIs,
such as the code in `gecko_ia2.cpp`.
A buffer (`VBufStorage_buffer_t`) has many `Nodes` that make up the document.
The `VBufStorage_buffer_t` class owns the *Node instances, such as `controlFieldNode` and `textFieldNode`.
The buffer (`VBufStorage_buffer_t`) is responsible for creating (in `fillVBuf`) and caching the nodes that make up the
An element in a HTML document becomes a `controlFieldNode`.
The inner text of a HTML element would become a `textFieldNode`.
Extra information that we want to be able to present to the user is collected as these nodes are created.
For instance the name, description, role, and many other pieces of information.
A Node has a pointer to its parent node, child nodes, and sibling nodes, we have a graph of the virtual buffer.
Each `controlFieldNode` (like an element, remember?) has an identifier (`VBufStorage_controlFieldNodeIdentifier_t`).
Given an identifier, a `controlFieldNode` can be looked up using `controlFieldNodesByIdentifier`.
Though, take care, looking up nodes is only possible after that part of the tree has been rendered.
The `controlFieldNode`s are added to the buffer via `addControlFieldNode`, which also adds these nodes to the map.
### Gecko IA2
This is a virtual buffer backend implementation used for Firefox and Chrome.
When `fillVBuf` is called, it recursively descends through the child elements that we care about, creating either
`controlFieldNode`s or `textFieldNode`s for them.
This code is responsible for interacting with the IA2 accessibility API, these calls should be minimised for
performance reasons.
@@ -1158,8 +1158,8 @@ VBufStorage_fieldNode_t* GeckoVBufBackend_t::fillVBuf(
if (labelId) {
auto labelControlFieldNode = buffer->getControlFieldNodeWithIdentifier(docHandle, labelId.value());
if (labelControlFieldNode) {
bool isDecendant = buffer->isDescendantNode(parentNode, labelControlFieldNode);
if (isDecendant) {
bool isDescendant = buffer->isDescendantNode(parentNode, labelControlFieldNode);
if (isDescendant) {
parentNode->addAttribute(L"labelledByContent", L"true");

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