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Reduce the verbosity of the github templates (PR #8435)

Extra information has been moved to the wiki.
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Please fill in the following template, for an explanation of the sections see:
### Link to issue number:
> Please include the issue number here. This helps us to keep the information linked together. If this is a minor/trivial change an issue does not need to be created. If in doubt, please create one.
### Summary of the issue:
> A quick summary of the problem you are trying to solve.
### Description of how this pull request fixes the issue:
> Please include a quick discussion of how this change addresses the issue. Please also include any links or external information you may have used in order to address the issue. This helps others to have the same background as you and learn from this work.
### Testing performed:
### Known issues with pull request:
> Any known issues or downsides of this approach. For instance: _Will not work with python 3_
### Change log entry:
> The section and description of this change to use for the changes file. Valid sections are:
> * New features
> * Changes
> * Bug fixes
> For examples see the changes file in your NVDA repo: `user_docs/en/changes.t2t` or on github:
Section: New features, Changes, Bug fixes
@@ -1,60 +1,30 @@
> Below you will find NVDA's Github issue template. You might consider swapping to the preview tab in order
> to read through this template with the formatting applied before attempting to complete it. In all but
> exceptional circumstances we require this to be completed. Your issue will likely be closed if this
> template has not been followed. If you have trouble following this template, or with the initial investigation
> that is required, please contact the fantastic community of people on the [NVDA users mailing list](
> and politely ask for assistance.
> To complete the template please remove all lines that start with a greater than (>) symbol.
> These lines are meant to provide an example of how you might complete this section of the issue template.
> **Please note:**
> While we welcome images/screenshots to help explain a problem, be aware that many of the
> developers of NVDA are blind and will greatly appreciate this image being described in text.
> Rather than taking a screenshot showing the output of an accessibility tool, in many cases you
> can directly copy the text. For instance when using the Inspect tool from the Windows SDK:
> 1. In the tree-view focus the element which you are interested in.
> 1. Press F6 to move focus to the properties pane on the right.
> 1. Select all, then copy and paste this into the issue.
> This will contain all of the properties for the selected element, as well as the names/roles of
> it's ancestors and children.
Please thoroughly read NVDA's wiki article on how to fill in this template, including how to provide the required files.
Issues may be closed if the required information is not present.
### Steps to reproduce:
> A list of the steps you take to demonstrate the problem.
> Example:
> 1. Open Chrome
> 1. Browse to
> 1. Type "Hello"
> 1. Notice an error sound when enter is pressed.
> Please also remember to attach a zip of any files required to reproduce the issue.
### Actual behavior:
### Expected behavior:
> Tell us what should happen.
### Actual behavior:
> Tell us what happens instead.
### System configuration:
NVDA version:
> Example: next-14027,c80e529f
NVDA Installed or portable:
#### NVDA Installed/portable/running from source:
Other information:
> Example: Running in a VM
#### NVDA version:
Windows version:
> Example: Windows 10 Version 1607 Build 14393.1066
#### Windows version:
Name and version of other software in use when reproducing the issue:
#### Name and version of other software in use when reproducing the issue:
#### Other information about your system:
### Other questions:
Does the issue still occur after restarting your PC?
#### Does the issue still occur after restarting your PC?
#### Have you tried any other versions of NVDA?
Have you tried any other versions of NVDA?
> Please list them and the result

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