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Add reference to readme for visual studio code project repository (PR #…


Depends on nvaccess/vscode-nvda
Closes #9971
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leonardder authored and feerrenrut committed Oct 2, 2019
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@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@ source/
@@ -39,4 +38,6 @@ uninstaller/UAC.nsh
@@ -100,6 +100,10 @@ Although this [must be run manually](#linting-your-changes), developers may wish
The following dependencies aren't needed by most people, and are not included in Git submodules:

* To generate developer documentation for nvdaHelper: [Doxygen Windows installer](, version 1.8.15:
* When you are using Visual Studio Code as your integrated development environment of preference, you can make use of our [prepopulated workspace configuration]( for [Visual Studio Code](
While this VSCode project is not included as a submodule in the NVDA repository, you can easily check out the workspace configuration in your repository by executing the following from the root of the repository.

```git clone .vscode```
## Preparing the Source Tree
Before you can run the NVDA source code, you must prepare the source tree.
@@ -279,3 +283,7 @@ This filter accepts wildcard characters.
scons systemTests filter="Read welcome dialog"
## Contributing to NVDA
If you would like to contribute code or documentation to NVDA, you can read more information in our [contributing guide](

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