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= 2019.1 =
Highlights of this release include performance improvements when accessing both Microsoft word and Excel, stability and security improvements such as support for add-ons with version compatibility information, and many other bug fixes.

== New Features ==
Please note that starting from this release of NVDA, custom appModules, globalPlugins, braille display drivers and synth drivers will no longer be automatically loaded from your NVDA user configuration directory.
Rather these should be installed as part of an NVDA add-on. For those developing code for an add-on, code for testing can be placed in a new developer scratchpad directory in the NVDA user configuration directory, if the Developer scratchpad option is turned on in NVDA's new Advanced settings panel.
These changes are necessary to better ensure compatibility of custom code, so that NVDA does not break when this code becomes incompatible with newer releases.
Please refer to the list of changes further down for more details on this and how add-ons are now better versioned.

== New Features ==
- New braille tables: Afrikaans, Arabic 8 dot computer braille, Arabic grade 2, Spanish grade 2. (#4435, #9186)
- Added an option to NVDA's mouse settings to make NVDA handle situations where the mouse is controlled by another application. (#8452)
- This will allow NVDA to track the mouse when a system is controlled remotely using TeamViewer or other remote control software.

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