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Update Developer Guide re. tab completion (PR #9935)

In the Python console, the tab-completion is smarter with Python 3.
Auto complete does not suggest attribute names starting with underscore until an underscore is typed, or a double underscore for attributes with two.

Fixes #9918
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JulienCochuyt authored and feerrenrut committed Jul 19, 2019
1 parent dd108c8 commit 6c46739ed4a7c6d947c35f5b7137b1f7495e57e0
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@@ -796,6 +796,15 @@ These variables are:
- brlRegions: The braille regions from the active braille buffer

++ Tab completion ++
The input control supports tab-completion of variables and member attributes names.
Hit the tab key once to complete the current input if there is one single candidate.
If there is more than one, hit the tab key a second time to open a menu listing all matching possibilities.
By default, only "public" member attributes are listed.
That is, if the input is "nav.", attribute names with no leading underscore are proposed.
If the input is "nav._", attribute names with a single leading underscore are proposed.
Similarly, if the input is "nav.__", attribute names with two leading underscores are proposed.

+ Remote Python Console +
A remote Python console is available for situations where remote debugging of NVDA is useful.
It is similar to the [local Python console #PythonConsole] discussed above, but is accessed via TCP.

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