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Add NVDA+F1 shortcut to the userguide (#9690)

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feerrenrut committed Jun 12, 2019
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@@ -1896,6 +1896,7 @@ To change NVDA's configuration on the logon/UAC screens, configure NVDA as you w

++ Log Viewer ++[LogViewer]
The log viewer, found under Tools in the NVDA menu, allows you to view all the logging output that has occurred up until now from when you last started NVDA.
Using NVDA+F1 will open the log viewer and display developer information about the current navigator object.

Apart from reading the content, you can also Save a copy of the log file, or refresh the viewer so that it shows the most recent output since the Log viewer was opened.
These actions are available under the viewer's Log menu.

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