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Modern keyboard: add support for 20H1 Text Input Host. Re #10359. (#1…


In build 18963, modern keyboard executable has been renamed to textinputhost.exe, breaking support for emoji panel, clipboard history and other modern input features. Thus add an alias app module.
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josephsl authored and michaelDCurran committed Oct 10, 2019
1 parent b54718e commit 86b5b7e5491151979b139ffb91037c2bab4fc79b
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# App module for Text Inpur Hoar (formerly Composable Shell (CShell) input panel)
# A part of NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)
# Copyright (C) 2019 NV Access Limited, Joseph Lee
# This file is covered by the GNU General Public License.
# See the file COPYING for more details.

"""App module for Windows 10 Modern Keyboard aka new touch keyboard panel.
This is for 20H1 text input host window."""

# Flake8/F403: alias of Composable Shell modern keyboard app module.
from .windowsinternal_composableshell_experiences_textinput_inputapp import * # NOQA

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