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- Added a command to report the name of the worksheet and the cell location while in Microsoft Ecel. This can be triggered with `NVDA+numpadDelete` or for laptop layout `NVDA+delete`. (Issue #6613)
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feerrenrut committed Jan 31, 2017
1 parent 97b0dd4 commit b4e99f0c84a44da5112b0752ee85eb28648842c8
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jcsteh replied Feb 2, 2017

This commit truncates quite a lot from the end of changes.t2t (about 889 lines). This happened in a previous changes commit from you as well. I restored this in 38cec28, but it'd be good to prevent this from happening again.

Am I right in assuming you used the GitHub web editor to make these changes? That would suggest there's either a bug in GitHub or your browser which is causing this. I'm guessing the former. :) If so, it might be worth shooting an email to GitHub support.


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feerrenrut replied Feb 2, 2017

Yep, I used the web editor for this in Chrome. I have contacted Github about it. I guess I'll stop doing it this way.

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