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Adriani90 authored and michaelDCurran committed Jun 21, 2019
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NV Access Limited
This is a list of people and organizations that contributed to the NVDA project in various ways since the beginning of the project. For an overview of code contributors, see also

NV Access Limited
Michael Curran
James Teh
Reef Turner
Quentin Christensen
Peter Vágner
Aleksey Sadovoy
Victor Tsaran
@@ -185,3 +190,44 @@ Eurobraille
Bachir Benanou
Arnold Loubriat
Mozilla Corporation
Adriani Botez
Karl Eick
Dang Manh Cuong
Christopher Toth
Bill Dengler
Aron Ocsvari
Josiel Santos
Karol Pecyna
Blake Oliver
Robert Haenggi
Mikolaj Holysz
André-Abush Clause
Łukasz Golonka
Ralf Kefferpuetz
Daniel Mayr
Kostadin Kolev
Francisco R. Del Roio
Tony Malykh
Laura Cornwell
Austin Pinto
Chris Leo
Alberto Buffolino
Hrvoje Katic
Minako Nonogaki
Carter Temm
Javi Dominguez
Cyrille Bougot
Adriano Barbieri
Ricardo M. Leonarczyk
Paul Bering
Yannick Plassiard
Oriol Gómez
James Scholes
Brian Gaff
Damien Garwood
Jose Manuel Delicado
Oliver Edholm
Luke Davis
Larry Wang
Doug Lee

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