Notepad: Review by word doesn't always report back words (says "blank") #1580

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Reported by kevinchao89 on 2011-06-17 14:28
Snapshot 4457
Open Notepad
Type: "this is a test"
CTRL+LEFT to review back word-by-word then CTRL+RIGHT to review forward word-by-word.
Quite often, NVDA will not report back the word, but instead "blank", where there should be a word.

Note: I've tried a complete uninstall, including via NVDA uninstaller/programs and features, removed traces in Program Files and User folder. I've also tested against eSpeak.

Comment 1 by briang1 on 2011-06-17 16:05
I cannot get this effect, but I'm using windows XP, but a possibly related bug is that cariage returns spoken in character move, become blank in control/cursor move mode, for some obscure reason.

Comment 2 by jteh on 2011-06-18 06:23
I've seen this as well. Kevin, do you know if this occurred in 2011.1.1?

Comment 3 by kevinchao89 (in reply to comment 2) on 2011-06-18 17:48
No, Jamie, this didn't occur in 2011.1, which I was sure of, but confirmed by installing a fresh portable version and testing against it.

Comment 4 by mdcurran on 2011-06-22 04:25
Fixed in 1f25164.
Milestone changed from None to 2011.2
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Comment 5 by kevinchao89 (in reply to comment 4) on 2011-06-22 13:32
Confirmed/Fixed in Snapshot 4495

Attachment convert.txt added by briang1 on 2011-06-22 21:34
Text file derived from command prompt in XP

Comment 6 by briang1 on 2011-06-22 21:45
Well I did this once, but IE fell over..
OK in XP, notpad used to be able to deal with text files derived from other editors quite well. the case I'm demonstrating here is one derived from the command prompt by piping the help from a command to a text file. convert /?>c:\convert.txt

In the old code, the only problem sometimes encountered in notepad with such files was that moving by word back ander certain conditions, resulted in characters to the right of a \ not being heard.
However since the fix for Windows 7, we seem to have a major problem navigating by word foward which tends to bypass things all over the place. In this file which is padded by spaces a lot, the \v in the detailed description of the switches is not there by word forward at all, but at least back now works.. grin. There are also two carriage returns noted, when before although it said blank, there was only one of them. Now if this is more accurate, i don't know but its far less usable. I'd be interested if the problem is also in Vista and 7.

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Comment 7 by Ahiiron on 2011-06-22 22:47

Works as expected in Win7. XP does have issues as described testing with snap 4495

Comment 8 by mdcurran on 2011-06-23 04:19
Hopefully 2fc8edb fixes these issues. The problem with skipping things is to do with the fact that Notepad when on a spaces at the beginning of the line, treets the word after the spaces as part of the word. This has been fixed. Also, NVDA was sometimes including the last word of the previous line when on space at the beginning of a line. This has also been fixed.
Please let me know if there are still any issues remaining.
As for the double carage returns: I'm not too sure what is going on there.

Comment 9 by briang1 on 2011-06-23 10:24
That seems to be working. I've also tested the MS Word and Jarte to check, though I know these use different systems.
Its actually fixed the one neggle from the old one, ie going back by word as well.

State: closed

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