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Reported by sebastian.kruber@... on 2011-11-10 15:47
A second braille display driver for hedo MobilLine USB

The other driver can be found here:

Comment 1 by sebastian.kruber@... on 2011-11-10 15:50
I wrote a driver for our second braille display, the MobilLine USB.

The keypress / keyrelease method is very different to the ProfiLine series, thus I wrote a completely new driver.

Comment 2 by jteh on 2011-11-30 23:08
Thanks for the driver. Code review:

  def __init__(self):


          if hwID.find(HEDO_MOBIL_USBID) == -1:

nit: This can be written more Pythonically as HEDO_MOBIL_USBID not in hwID.

  def display(self, cells):


      # cells will be padded up to 1 + numStatusCells + numCells.
      line += chr(0) * (expectedLength - len(line))

The cells will already be padded up to numCells, so you just need to pad for status cells, rather than calculating the total length. This padding probably isn't documented. If it isn't, I'll update the code doc. :)

The gesture map and gesture classes at the bottom are indented with spaces. Please convert these to tabs to match other NVDA code.

It'd be great if you could provide a User Guide section for this display. See user_docs/en/userGuide.t2t. Just use the section I wrote for the other hedo display as a base. Feel free to just attach the new section, rather than the whole User Guide.

Thanks again for your contributions.
Milestone changed from None to 2012.1

Attachment added by sebastian.kruber@... on 2011-12-01 10:28
Source code

Attachment userGuide.t2t added by sebastian.kruber@... on 2011-12-01 10:29
User help file with entry for MobilLine

Comment 3 by sebastian.kruber@... on 2011-12-01 10:33
Thank you for the review.

The suggested changes have been made.

The key mapping is identicall to the ProfiLine, thus the entry in the helpfile is identicall to the entry for the ProfiLine... except the name for the display of course.

Attachment userGuide.t2t.extracted.txt added by sebastian.kruber@... on 2011-12-01 10:33
Extracted entries from the braille displays

Comment 4 by jteh on 2011-12-01 10:45
Committed in a55e3bf. Thanks again for your work.
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