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windows 8 toasts not being read out. #2143

nvaccessAuto opened this Issue Mar 3, 2012 · 8 comments


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Reported by dallasobrien on 2012-03-03 07:00
nvda is not reading the toast notifications that are now a part of windows 8. this needs to be solved, as they are an important way apps and windows itself communicates information to the user.
from what i can tell from the way narator reads them, they are much like a tooltip, but they are of course fixed in place right accross windows.

Comment 1 by jteh on 2012-03-04 21:40
Can you provide an example of such a notification? Steps to make one appear would be even better.

Comment 2 by dallasobrien on 2012-03-04 22:51
several ways can be used. for example, when plugging in a new flashdrive od dvd, but one of the most relyable ways to get it to pop up is installing apps from the windows store.
the alert is always in the top right hand corner of the screen, and appears no matter where in the system you are. its a global alert you might say.
so for example, when you install and app from the store, it will pop up saying that such and such an app has been installed.
a sound also is triggered along with the alert.

Comment 4 by mdcurran on 2012-06-11 00:25
In 6284a4f NVDA will now automatically announce the toast notification tooltip objects. It will also move the navigator object there for further interactions. I was only able to test with flash drive insertion. Windows Store and others have not been tested yet. If these work okay please close as fixed.
Milestone changed from None to 2012.3

Comment 5 by dallasobrien on 2012-06-13 02:59
appears to work as described if you use windows key v after the sound of the alert, but it is not automaticly taking the focus there. have to press windows key v to make it notice it, then it focuses the object nav to the tooltip.

Comment 6 by mdcurran on 2012-06-13 04:04
I didn't know about windows+v. Therefore with this shortcut we would no longer need to move object navigation there. However, I'm un clear as to whether you are hearing NVDA report the tooltip when it appears (i.e. when the sound happens).

Comment 7 by dallasobrien on 2012-06-13 04:22
yes, you still need to move object nav to it, as windows key v only switches through the toasts if you have a few. it does not focus you on them. and no, as i said, when the sound plays, its not saying anything, nore focusing the object nav to it.

Comment 8 by jteh (in reply to comment 7) on 2012-10-10 08:43
Replying to dallasobrien:

yes, you still need to move object nav to it, as windows key v only switches through the toasts if you have a few. it does not focus you on them.

Pressing Windows+v does focus the toast for me. This should be sufficient. There's no need to automatically move object navigation, as you can use this shortcut.

and no, as i said, when the sound plays, its not saying anything

What version of Windows 8 are you testing this with? Also, what toast are you testing with? We're testing with the one which appears when you connect a USB drive. If it's still not working for you, using the latest NVDA snapshot, please press Windows+v when one appears and then provide the info from NVDA+f1.

Comment 9 by jteh on 2012-10-12 03:32
Further changes in 1723dfc. Notably, the object navigator is no longer moved for the reason outlined in previous comments. Closing as fixed. If Toasts still don't read for you, please reopen and provide the info requested in comment:8.
State: closed

@nvaccessAuto nvaccessAuto added the bug label Nov 10, 2015

@nvaccessAuto nvaccessAuto added this to the 2012.3 milestone Nov 10, 2015

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