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Option to disable the "out of element" messages in web pages #2250

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Reported by clev on 2012-04-18 12:36
When navigating a web page with quick keys or the arrows, it's anoying and very unproductive to hear "out of link", "out of frame", etc., before the actual information I want to know. AFAIC, the only way to disable it currently is to disable the reporting of each HTML element in the document formating dialog. NVDA should be able to tell when we get into an element, but not everytime we get out of it.


Comment 2 by jteh on 2012-10-17 07:47
I understand the efficiency issue here. However, users need an efficient way to know when they've moved out of a field. Otherwise, it's impossible to, for example, tell where a link ends, which might be important for context.

Are you imagining a configuration option here? What's your criteria for which elements this should apply to and which not? For example, not knowing when you've moved out of a list or table would surely be unacceptable, even if you don't care about links. Please try to be more specific about your requirements.


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