Keep the Braille display configuration even if it disconnects #2264

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Reported by kredh on 2012-04-24 15:08
Here is a suggestion: when you configure NVDA to use a Braille display, if the "automatically save on exit" is checked, a logical issue occurs. I use, like most users I guess, the Braille display as a complement of the synthetiser. My Braille display is not always connected to my computer and sometimes NVDA starts whereas the Braille display is not connected. I guess that NVDA tries to find the Braille display, failed, intercept some kind of error and re-configure itself to use "no Braille". Which is still the case the next time I connect my Braille display. I have to re-configure NVDA everytime it happens (which, to tell the truth, is everyday as I use my Braille display at home and at work).

Well, no real big deal, but I hope it could be easily fixed. I imagine two possibilities:

  • A checkbox which, when checked, try at every NVDA startup to connect to the Braille display.
  • The "non detection" of the Braille display should not re-configure NVDA to use "no Braille" even if in that context no Braille display is actually working with NVDA.

Thanks for reading.


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