logicalToPhysicalPoint error #4125

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Reported by nishimotz on 2014-05-06 09:06
Japanese application Sakura Editor raises error such as follows

ERROR - queueHandler.pumpAll (08:48:30):
error in generator 5
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "queueHandler.pyo", line 72, in pumpAll
File "sayAllHandler.pyo", line 151, in readTextHelper_generator
File "textInfos\offsets.pyo", line 473, in updateCaret
File "displayModel.pyo", line 543, in _setCaretOffset
TypeError: logicalToPhysicalPoint() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)

when Say All command is used.

Firstly confirmed with NVDAJP version, however, current NV Access master has the issue as well.

A patch was made as follows, and also committed as git@bitbucket.org:nishimotz/nvda.git branch displayModelFix.

diff --git a/source/displayModel.py b/source/displayModel.py
index e05b5ca..cdb50a0 100644
--- a/source/displayModel.py
+++ b/source/displayModel.py
@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@ class EditableTextDisplayModelTextInfo(DisplayModelTextInfo)
                x=left #+(right-left)/2
-               x,y=windowUtils.logicalToPhysicalPoint(x,y)
+               x,y=windowUtils.logicalToPhysicalPoint(self.obj.windowHandle,x,y)

Similar issue is reported with Balabolka on the e-mail list, as well, but the issue is not yet filed as far as I know.


Comment 1 by jteh on 2014-05-07 22:34
Thanks for reporting. This fix should go into 2014.2.
Milestone changed from None to 2014.2


Comment 2 by Michael Curran <mick@... on 2014-05-08 22:27
In [e42c0be]:
```CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="e42c0be5f572fc5c9aa5b49f9a7209b474962944"
EditableTextDisplayModelTextInfo._setCaretOffset: fix call to logicalToPhysicalPoint. Fixes #4125

State: closed
@nvaccessAuto nvaccessAuto added this to the 2014.2 milestone Nov 10, 2015
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