Allow unbinding of Gestures from super classes by None value in __gestures dict #4240

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Reported by mdcurran on 2014-07-01 03:21
Sometimes a gesture may be bound to a script on a supr class, yet a sub class might not want it to be bound. The sub class could bind its own script that just did a gesture.send(), but allowing the None keyword as the script name is less work for the author. An example where this is needed is to unbind the tab key in the spellCheck field for MS Word, but that NVDAObject inherits from the WordDocument NVDAObject which binds the tab key for announcing table navigation / indenting / form field navigatin.


Comment 1 by mdcurran on 2014-07-01 03:22
An issue was also identified for one implementation of __gestures where the mro of the classes was being walked from sub to super, it should be from super to sub, so that sub class bindings always override super class bindings. This should also be fixed.


Comment 2 by Michael Curran <mick@... on 2014-07-02 01:25
In [1176ebf]:
```CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="1176ebf7195437e7976de7054208607fa1363da4"
Merge branch 't4240' into next. Incubates #4240

Added labels: incubating

Comment 3 by Michael Curran <mick@... on 2014-07-19 22:47
In [3af5bec]:
```CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="3af5bec222a0af0c25d7916a7a3decfdd30f3745"
Merge branch 't4240'. Fixes #4240

Removed labels: incubating
State: closed

Comment 4 by mdcurran on 2014-07-19 22:50
Milestone changed from next to 2014.3

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