IA2 live regions: Ignore content marked with aria-live="off" inside a live region #4405

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Reported by jteh on 2014-08-20 06:44
Even though we do check the value of aria-live when determining whether to handle an update, we don't check for aria-live="off" while actually gathering content. aria-live="off" on a node should cause anything inside it to be ignored.


Attachment t4405.html added by jteh on 2014-08-21 01:28
Test case.


Comment 1 by jteh on 2014-08-21 01:29
Test case attached. When you press the button, "This added text should not be presented" should not be spoken.


Comment 2 by Michael Curran <mick@... on 2014-08-22 02:12
In [07c195f]:
```CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="07c195f64f0099011f5382a2347936c6b3614a36"
Merge branch 't4405' into next. Incubates #4405

Added labels: incubating

Comment 3 by Michael Curran <mick@... on 2014-09-10 06:04
In [332af99]:
```CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="332af99dc696fd9cc5de2e5e79b2b70411938b79"
Merge branch 't4405' into next. Incubates #4405


Comment 4 by James Teh <jamie@... on 2014-10-08 00:35
In [af3a512]:
```CommitTicketReference repository="" revision="af3a5126fb23ffacf21aebbe90d698bb70ddee65"
Inside a live region, content which is marked as not being live (e.g. aria-live="off") is now correctly ignored.

Fixes #4405.

Removed labels: incubating
State: closed

Comment 5 by jteh on 2014-10-08 00:44
Milestone changed from next to 2014.4

@nvaccessAuto nvaccessAuto added the bug label Nov 10, 2015
@nvaccessAuto nvaccessAuto added this to the 2014.4 milestone Nov 10, 2015
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