Maybe a problem in #844

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Reported by msuch on 2010-08-21 09:28
As far as I understand, this module builds the keyCommands.html by extracting appropriate text from userGuide.t2t.
I have partially converted french documentation (with, this time, appropriate utf-8 code).
I think all is correct in terms of character set (see file attached) but get the following error at build:

File "D:\nvda\source\", line 125, in _make
File "D:\nvda\source\", line 158, in _command
File "D:\nvda\source\", line 189, in _writeHeadings
label="[%s]" % label if label else "")
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe8' in position 28:
ordinal not in range(128)

Is it the program or is it me who miss something?


Attachment userGuide.t2t added by msuch on 2010-08-21 09:29
French userGuide.t2t


Comment 1 by pvagner on 2010-08-21 16:41
Fixed in 61c1779.
State: closed

@nvaccessAuto nvaccessAuto added this to the 2010.2 milestone Nov 10, 2015
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