Can not resize speech dictionary input window #90

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Reported by katsutoshi on 2008-05-15 03:16
It is hard for sight users to add or modify speech dictionary. Because, it is not possible to resize input window of speech dictionaries.

  1. Press NVDA+N to open NVDA menu.
  2. Goto Preferences -> Speech Dictionary submenu.
  3. Chuse 1 of the dictionaries from menu to open dialog for add or modify entries.

With speech output, we can work with this dialog but, it is to small for sighted users to work with this dialog.


Comment 2 by Bernd on 2009-07-16 09:45
How can I make the window and the List bigger at all? How are the strings named?
Milestone changed from 0.6 to 0.7


Comment 3 by jteh on 2009-07-16 11:06
This is a defect. It should probably be fixed for 0.6 if possible, but we'll let it fall to 0.7 if we can't fix it in time.

From memory, the problem is that the list view control doesn't account for the best fit for the initially displayed columns when determining the size to be used. I think the best approach is probably just to hard code a minimum size for the list view, as annoying as that is.
Milestone changed from 0.7 to 0.6


Comment 4 by Bernd on 2009-08-01 21:16
The Elements list shoulb be bigger in size, too.

Is it maybe possible to have the Windows maximized?


Comment 6 by jteh on 2009-10-27 09:06
Milestone changed from 2009.1 to None


Comment 7 by mdcurran on 2011-01-31 06:14
From what I can tell using displayModel, this is fixed in changest:main,4062. The list is now much larger, and all the columns are viewable, even though if text in one column is too long it will still be truncated. I don't see a need to be able to resize this list by the user, as now the list should be big enough anyway. Please reopen if there is still a sizing issue with the list.
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Comment 8 by jteh on 2011-01-31 06:47
Milestone changed from None to 2011.1

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