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[Project] Status Bar Improvements

Updated May 13, 2020

Improve status bar announcements.

[Project] Python 3.8

Updated Jul 23, 2020

Upgrade from Python 3.7 to Python 3.8

[Project] Developer Docs

Updated May 2, 2020

Improvements to the developer docs and processes for updating, translation and distributing.

[Project] Bullet / list UX

Updated May 2, 2020

A mini project for improving bullet and list navigation and reporting.

[Project] Speech Refactor

Updated Apr 30, 2020

The initial changes for speech refactor are already included in 2019.3. This project board aims to document the ongoing plans and status.

Babbage Work

Updated Jul 15, 2020

Issues and Pull Requests from Babbage

Auto updates for add-on

Updated Jan 15, 2020

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