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Making Automated Builds

The following information is for NVDA committers and details how to trigger the creation of automated builds that can be tested by users.

Continual Snapshots

Snapshots are automatically built for every commit to the master, next and rc branches. They are then listed on the Snapshots page. Generally, we don't build snapshots for other branches, but if this is needed for some reason, you can add another branch to the branches section of appveyor.yml. If you want to see the build log, you can access it on AppVeyor.

Try Builds

You can create one-off builds of any local branch for users to test. This is done by pushing a branch to the main NVDA repository with a try- prefix; e.g. try-myThing. For example, you can make a try build for the current branch as follows:

git push origin HEAD:try-myThing

The build will take a few minutes to complete. You can see the progress and download the build output on AppVeyor.

Try branches are not removed automatically, so they should be cleaned up periodically.

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