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Translating changes.t2t

The changes file contains a list of new features, changes and bug fixes. This is so that the user can see what has changed from one version to another.

For example the changes.t2t has not been translated to your language, so you decide to translate the 2012.1 section. In this case translate everything until you reach the previous release, 2011.3 in this example.

Sometimes you will find a changes for developers section, you should include the heading, but instead of including the changes, you should include the following:

    These changes have not been included, please see english changes.t2t.

This is because most of the changes are technical and may have terms that are dificult to translate. If someone is intrested in development, they should be able to communicate or at least understand english, most users will not understand or care what these changes are, so dont spend time on them.

Continuing with our example, when you reach the 2011.3 heading, replace it by the following:

    = older releases =
    changes for older releases have not been translated, please see english changes.t2t for more information.

You should also include the ticket number at the end of each line, so that it becomes easy to see what line matches what ticket.

When it is near a release, check that the number of items in each list is the same as the english, to make sure no lines have been missed.

using the automatic workflow

You will be notified via email or twitter when there are any new changes that need translating, they will live in


update your changes file that lives in yourLangCode/changes.t2t and commit, saying completed revNo.

Less than 10 minutes later, the automatic script would have converted the t2t to html, you can check the html to make sure no syntax error has been introduced.

If yourLangCode/ch-diffs/ contains the disabled directory, then the scripts will not process and notify you of any changes to the english changes.t2t file.

If you want to translate the changes and want the automatic scripts to be activated, email the translation list requesting this.

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