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{% load fiber_tags i18n %}
<div id="df-wpr-layer">
<div id="df-layer"></div>
<div id="df-wpr-sidebar">
<div id="df-sidebar">
<div id="df-sidebar-top-section">
<p class="logout"><a href="{{ logout_url }}">{% trans 'Log out' %}</a></p>
<p class="backend"><a href="{% url admin:index %}" title="{% trans 'Backend' %}"><span class="icon"></span>{% trans 'Backend' %}</a></p>
<div id="df-sidebar-page-section">
<h2>{% trans "Pages" %}</h2>
window.fiber_page_data = {{ pages_json|safe }};
window.fiber_content_items_data = {{ content_items_json|safe }};
<div id="df-sidebar-page-tree" class="sidebar-tree"></div>
<div id="df-sidebar-content-section">
<h2>{% trans "Content" %}</h2>
<div id="df-sidebar-content-tree" class="sidebar-tree"></div>
<div id="df-sidebar-version"><p>Django Fiber: {% fiber_version %}</p></div>
<div id="df-btn-toggle-sidebar"></div>
<div id="df-wpr-busy">
<div id="df-busy"></div>
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