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モダン日本語IME対応の改善 #266

nishimotz opened this issue Apr 22, 2020 · 10 comments

モダン日本語IME対応の改善 #266

nishimotz opened this issue Apr 22, 2020 · 10 comments


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nishimotz commented Apr 22, 2020

#220 で行った暫定対応の続き

  • 従来の Microsoft IME に対して行っていた「候補コメントの読み上げ」
  • その他になにか報告や要望があったら対応
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nishimotz commented Aug 16, 2020



  • メモ帳で「かんじ」と入力して変換候補をどんどん移動していく
  • 「ヒラガナ カンジ」と読んでほしい候補が「カ、ウン、ジ」と聞こえる
  • 「カンジルノカン ヒラガナ ジ」と読んでほしい候補が「カンジルノカン ジ」と聞こえる


ヒラガナ かんじ
カ  ウン  ジ

カンジルノ カン ヒラガナ じ
カンジルノ カン  ジ


  • NVDA 2020.2jp
  • Windows 10 (32bit) バージョン 2004 ビルド 19041.450
  • Windows OneCore 音声(特にエンジンに依存する問題ではない見込み)

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nishimotz commented Aug 16, 2020


  • スペース、Shift+スペースの場合:前述の状況
  • 上下矢印キーの場合:「かんじ、ひらがな、かんじ」のような読み上げになる。他の候補でも(特に候補ウィンドウが複数行に拡大した後で)候補を読み下して、それから文字説明を行う、という挙動になる。例えば「感じ」は「かんじ、かんじるのかん、ひらがな じ」となる

@nishimotz nishimotz pinned this issue Aug 16, 2020
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nishimotz commented Aug 16, 2020

上記は Window 10 App Essentials アドオン 20.08 を有効にしていない。

AppModule の衝突が懸念されるが、現時点では、このアドオンを有効にした場合に、改善も悪影響も確認できていない。

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nishimotz commented Nov 27, 2020

本家 beta ブランチを betajp ブランチにマージしました。




nishimotz added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 9, 2021
@nishimotz nishimotz unpinned this issue Jun 13, 2021
@nishimotz nishimotz pinned this issue Oct 4, 2022
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nishimotz commented Oct 13, 2022


%AppData%\Roaming\nvda\scratchpad\appModules に


Windows 11 22H2 の IME で検証中。



  • Window + V (クリップボード履歴)
  • Windows + ピリオド(絵文字パネル)


# A part of NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)
# Copyright (C) 2017-2022 NV Access Limited, Joseph Lee
# This file is covered by the GNU General Public License.
# See the file COPYING for more details.

"""App module for Windows 10/11 Modern Keyboard aka new touch keyboard panel.
The chief feature is allowing NVDA to announce selected emoji
when using the keyboard to search for and select one.
Other features include reporting candidates for misspellings if suggestions for hardware keyboard is selected,
and managing cloud clipboard paste.
This is applicable on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and later."""

import appModuleHandler
import api
import eventHandler
import speech
import braille
import ui
import config
import winVersion
import controlTypes
from NVDAObjects.UIA import UIA
from NVDAObjects.behaviors import CandidateItem as CandidateItemBehavior, EditableTextWithAutoSelectDetection
# import tones

class ImeCandidateUI(UIA):
	The UIAutomation-based IME candidate UI (such as for  the modern Chinese Microsoft Quick input).
	This class ensures NVDA is notified of the first selected item when the UI is shown.

	def event_show(self):
		# tones.beep(880, 20)
		# The IME candidate UI is shown.
		# Report the current candidates page and the currently selected item.
		# Sometimes UIA does not fire an elementSelected event when it is first opened,
		# Therefore we must fake it here.
		if (self.UIAAutomationId == "IME_Prediction_Window"):
			candidateItem = self.firstChild
			eventHandler.queueEvent("UIA_elementSelected", candidateItem)
		elif (
			and self.firstChild.role == controlTypes.Role.LIST
			and isinstance(self.firstChild.firstChild, ImeCandidateItem)
			candidateItem = self.firstChild.firstChild
			eventHandler.queueEvent("UIA_elementSelected", candidateItem)

class ImeCandidateItem(CandidateItemBehavior, UIA):
	A UIAutomation-based IME candidate Item (such as for  the modern Chinese Microsoft Quick input).
	This class  presents Ime candidate items in the standard way NVDA does for all other IMEs.
	E.g. reports entire candidate page content if it is new or has changed pages,
	And reports the currently selected item, including symbol descriptions.

	keyboardShortcut = ""

	def _get_candidateNumber(self):
		number = super(ImeCandidateItem, self).keyboardShortcut
			number = int(number)
		except (ValueError, TypeError):
		return number

	def _get_parent(self):
		parent = super(ImeCandidateItem, self).parent
		# Translators: A label for a 'candidate' list
		# which contains symbols the user can choose from  when typing east-asian characters into a document. = _("Candidate")
		parent.description = None
		return parent

	def _get_name(self):
			number = int(self.candidateNumber)
		except (TypeError, ValueError):
			return super(ImeCandidateItem, self).name
		candidate = super(ImeCandidateItem, self).name
		return self.getFormattedCandidateName(number, candidate)

	def _get_description(self):
		candidate = super(ImeCandidateItem, self).name
		return self.getFormattedCandidateDescription(candidate)

	def _get_basicText(self):
		return super(ImeCandidateItem, self).name

	def event_UIA_elementSelected(self):
		oldNav = api.getNavigatorObject()
		if isinstance(oldNav, ImeCandidateItem) and ==
			# Duplicate selection event fired on the candidate item. Ignore it.
		if not api.setNavigatorObject(self):
		# Report the entire current page of candidate items if it is newly shown  or it has changed.
		if config.conf["inputComposition"]["autoReportAllCandidates"]:
			oldText = getattr(self.appModule, '_lastImeCandidateVisibleText', '')
			newText = self.visibleCandidateItemsText
			if not isinstance(oldNav, ImeCandidateItem) or newText != oldText:
				self.appModule._lastImeCandidateVisibleText = newText
				# speak the new page
		# Now just report the currently selected candidate item.
		# self.reportFocus()

class AppModule(appModuleHandler.AppModule):

	# Cache the most recently selected item.
	_recentlySelected = None

	def event_UIA_elementSelected(self, obj, nextHandler):
		# Logic for IME candidate items is handled all within its own object
		# Therefore pass these events straight on.
		if isinstance(obj, ImeCandidateItem):
			return nextHandler()
		# #7273: When this is fired on categories,
		# the first emoji from the new category is selected but not announced.
		# Therefore, move the navigator object to that item if possible.
		# However, in recent builds, name change event is also fired.
		# For consistent experience, report the new category first by traversing through controls.
		# #8189: do not announce candidates list itself (not items),
		# as this is repeated each time candidate items are selected.
		if obj.UIAAutomationId == "CandidateList":
		# Sometimes, due to bad tree traversal or wrong item getting selected,
		# something other than the selected item sees this event.
		# In build 18262, emoji panel may open to People group and skin tone modifier gets selected.
		if obj.parent.UIAAutomationId == "SkinTonePanelModifier_ListView":
			# But this will point to nothing if emoji search results are not people.
			if is not None:
				obj =
				obj = obj.parent.parent.firstChild
		candidate = obj
		if (
			obj and obj.UIAElement.cachedClassName == "ListViewItem"
			and obj.parent and isinstance(obj.parent, UIA)
			and obj.parent.UIAAutomationId != "TEMPLATE_PART_ClipboardItemsList"
			# The difference between emoji panel and suggestions list is absence of categories/emoji separation.
			# Turns out automation ID for the container is different,
			# observed in build 17666 when opening clipboard copy history.
			candidate = obj.parent.previous
			if candidate is not None:
				# Emoji categories list.
				obj = candidate.firstChild
		if obj is not None and api.setNavigatorObject(obj):
			# Cache selected item.
			self._recentlySelected =
			# Translators: presented when there is no emoji when searching for one
			# in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and later.
			ui.message(_("No emoji"))

	# Emoji panel for build 16299 and 17134.
	_classicEmojiPanelAutomationIds = (

	def event_UIA_window_windowOpen(self, obj, nextHandler):
		firstChild = obj.firstChild
		# Handle Ime Candidate UI being shown
		if isinstance(firstChild, ImeCandidateUI):
			# eventHandler.queueEvent("show", firstChild)

		# Make sure to announce most recently used emoji first in post-1709 builds.
		# Fake the announcement by locating 'most recently used" category and calling selected event on this.
		# However, in build 17666 and later, child count is the same
		# for both emoji panel and hardware keyboard candidates list.
		# Thankfully first child automation ID's are different for each modern input technology.
		# However this event is raised when the input panel closes.
		if firstChild is None:
		# #9104: different aspects of modern input panel are represented by Automation Id's.
		childAutomationId = firstChild.UIAAutomationId
		# Emoji panel for 1709 (build 16299) and 1803 (17134).
		emojiPanelInitial = winVersion.WIN10_1709
		# This event is properly raised in build 17134.
		emojiPanelWindowOpenEvent = winVersion.WIN10_1803
		if (
			childAutomationId in self._classicEmojiPanelAutomationIds
			and emojiPanelInitial <= winVersion.getWinVer() <= emojiPanelWindowOpenEvent
			eventHandler.queueEvent("UIA_elementSelected", obj.lastChild.firstChild)
		# Handle hardware keyboard suggestions.
		# Treat it the same as CJK composition list - don't announce this if candidate announcement setting is off.
		elif (
			childAutomationId == "CandidateWindowControl"
			and config.conf["inputComposition"]["autoReportAllCandidates"]
				eventHandler.queueEvent("UIA_elementSelected", firstChild.firstChild.firstChild)
			except AttributeError:
				# Because this is dictation window.
		# Emoji panel in Version 1809 (specifically, build 17666) and later.
		elif childAutomationId == "TEMPLATE_PART_ExpressionGroupedFullView":
			self._emojiPanelJustOpened = True
			# #10377: on some systems (particularly non-English builds of Version 1903 and later),
			# there is something else besides grouping controls, so another child control must be used.
			emojisList = firstChild.children[-2]
			if emojisList.UIAAutomationId != "TEMPLATE_PART_Items_GridView":
				emojisList = emojisList.previous
			if emojisList.firstChild and emojisList.firstChild.firstChild:
				emojiItem = emojisList.firstChild.firstChild
			# Avoid announcing skin tone modifiers if possible.
			# For people emoji, the first emoji is actually next to skin tone modifiers list.
			if emojiItem.UIAAutomationId == "SkinTonePanelModifier_ListView" and
				emojiItem =
			eventHandler.queueEvent("UIA_elementSelected", emojiItem)
		# Clipboard history.
		# Move to clipboard list so element selected event can pick it up.
		# #9103: if clipboard is empty, a status message is displayed instead,
		# and luckily it is located where clipboard data items can be found.
		elif childAutomationId == "TEMPLATE_PART_ClipboardTitleBar":
			# Under some cases, clipboard tip text isn't shown on screen,
			# causing clipboard history title to be announced instead of most recently copied item.
			clipboardHistoryItem = obj.children[-2]
			if clipboardHistoryItem.UIAAutomationId == childAutomationId:
				clipboardHistoryItem =
			# Make sure to move to actual clipboard history item if available.
			if clipboardHistoryItem.firstChild is not None:
				clipboardHistoryItem = clipboardHistoryItem.firstChild
			eventHandler.queueEvent("UIA_elementSelected", clipboardHistoryItem)

	# Argh, name change event is fired right after emoji panel opens in build 17666 and later.
	_emojiPanelJustOpened = False

	def event_nameChange(self, obj, nextHandler):
		# Logic for IME candidate items is handled all within its own object
		# Therefore pass these events straight on.
		if isinstance(obj, ImeCandidateItem):
			return nextHandler()
		elif isinstance(obj, ImeCandidateUI):
			return nextHandler()

		if (
			# On some systems, touch keyboard keys keeps firing name change event.
			# In build 17704, whenever skin tones are selected, name change is fired by emoji entries (GridViewItem).
			(obj.UIAElement.cachedClassName in ("CRootKey", "GridViewItem"))
			# Just ignore useless clipboard status.
			# Also top emoji search result must be announced for better user experience.
			or (obj.UIAAutomationId in (
			# And no, emoji entries should not be announced here.
			or (self._recentlySelected is not None and self._recentlySelected in
		# The word "blank" is kept announced, so suppress this on build 17666 and later.
		if winVersion.getWinVer() > winVersion.WIN10_1803:
			# In build 17672 and later,
			# return immediately when element selected event on clipboard item was fired just prior to this.
			# In some cases, parent will be None, as seen when emoji panel is closed in build 18267.
				if (
					obj.UIAAutomationId == "TEMPLATE_PART_ClipboardItemIndex"
					or obj.parent.UIAAutomationId == "TEMPLATE_PART_ClipboardItemsList"
			except AttributeError:
			if (
				not self._emojiPanelJustOpened
				or obj.UIAAutomationId != "TEMPLATE_PART_ExpressionGroupedFullView"
			self._emojiPanelJustOpened = False
		# Don't forget to add "Microsoft Candidate UI" as something that should be suppressed.
		if (
			obj.UIAAutomationId not in (

	def chooseNVDAObjectOverlayClasses(self, obj, clsList):
		if isinstance(obj, UIA):
			# if obj.role == controlTypes.Role.LISTITEM and (
			# 	(
			# 		obj.parent.UIAAutomationId in (
			# 			"ExpandedCandidateList",
			# 			"TEMPLATE_PART_AdaptiveSuggestionList",
			# 		)
			# 		and obj.parent.parent.UIAAutomationId == "IME_Candidate_Window"
			# 	)
			# 	or obj.parent.UIAAutomationId in ("IME_Candidate_Window", "IME_Prediction_Window")
			# ):
			# 	clsList.insert(0, ImeCandidateItem)
			# elif obj.role == controlTypes.Role.PANE and obj.UIAAutomationId in (
			# 	"IME_Candidate_Window",
			# 	"IME_Prediction_Window"
			# ):
			# 	clsList.insert(0, ImeCandidateUI)

			if (obj.role == controlTypes.Role.LISTITEM and 
				obj.parent.UIAAutomationId == "TEMPLATE_PART_CandidatePanel" and
				obj.parent.parent.UIAAutomationId == "IME_Candidate_Window"
				clsList.insert(0, ImeCandidateItem)
			# elif obj.role == controlTypes.Role.LIST and obj.UIAAutomationId == "TEMPLATE_PART_CandidatePanel":
			# 	clsList.insert(0, ImeCandidateUI)
			# #13104: newer revisions of Windows 11 build 22000 moves focus to emoji search field.
			# However this means NVDA's own edit field scripts will override emoji panel commands.
			# Therefore remove text field movement commands so emoji panel commands can be used directly.
			elif obj.UIAAutomationId == "Windows.Shell.InputApp.FloatingSuggestionUI.DelegationTextBox":

nishimotz added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 17, 2022
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nishimotz commented Oct 17, 2022


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nishimotz commented Oct 19, 2022

jpalpha_221019r を配信開始しました。
2022.3.1jp 相当のセキュリティ修正も含まれています。

@nishimotz nishimotz added this to the 2022.4jp milestone Nov 17, 2022
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nishimotz commented Nov 17, 2022


nishimotz added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 20, 2022
nishimotz added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 20, 2022
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nishimotz commented Nov 20, 2022

  • 本家をマージしやすいように appModule のファイル構成を変更
  • 「日本語版の文字入力拡張」がチェックなしの場合に本家版の挙動が選べるようにした
  • 「候補リスト リスト」を読まないように改善

%AppData%\Roaming\nvda\scratchpad\appModules に

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nishimotz commented Nov 25, 2022

あと気になるのは、Enter を押して IME 候補ウィンドウを閉じたときに、
いままで IME に関してはアプリウィンドウを読まない挙動でした。

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