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Open source Java client library for use with the NVDB REST API v3.

Support or feedback: Issue on this repo or on Gitter


Base URL for the API is


This artifact will be published to Maven Central upon releases.


def nvdbVersion = "1.17.2"
def slfVersion = "1.7.30"

dependencies {
    compile "no.vegvesen.nvdb:nvdb-read-api-v3-client:$nvdbVersion"
    compile "javax.activation:activation:1.1"
    compile "org.slf4j:slf4j-api:$slfVersion"
    compile "org.slf4j:slf4j-simple:$slfVersion"




Getting started

Using the client is very simple. All it takes is a couple of lines of code.


This is a completely open API, but some featuretypes are restricted and need authentication and authorization. We strongly encourage using the X-Client-Name header because it helps us gather statistics which we use to improve the API.


To start using the library simply instantiate the factory. It takes three arguments:

  1. Base URL for the API
  2. Value for request header X-Client-Name
// First, create factory
ClientFactory factory = new ClientFactory("", "nvdb-read-api-v3-client");
// Then, create your client. Typically, there's one per root endpoint   
RoadObjectClient client = factory.getRoadObjectClient();

// Example single object download
RoadObject ro = client.getRoadObject(534, 1);

// Remember to close your factory when you're done using it

Please note that when the factory is closed all clients created by it will also be closed. So the following code will not work

RoadObjectClient client;
try (ClientFactory factory = new ClientFactory("", "nvdb-read-api-v3-client")) {
    client = factory.createRoadObjectClient();

// Won't work because client is closed after the try-with-resources block.
RoadObject ro = client.getRoadObject(534, 1);

Setting timeouts for Jersey client.

To set a connect and read timeout for the nvdb-api-client. An instance of ClientConfiguration can be added when creating the ClientFactory

// Add a read timeout of 5000 millis and connect timeout of 1000 millis
ClientConfiguration clientConfig = 

// Create a factory with timeout settings.
ClientFactory factory = new ClientFactory("", "nvdb-read-api-v3-client", clientConfig);

Simple setup

To use the client in your project, you should:

  1. Add the gradle or maven code to your project build file (pom.xml for maven projects);
  2. Fill in your preferred version at $version (maven versions are available here:;
  3. Add some of the example code and run it.

How to build

The repo contains the Gradle wrapper. The client is built running:

// Simple compilation 
./gradlew build

// Publish to your Maven local
./gradlew publishToMavenLocal