The Uno Platform, the UWP bridge for iOS, Android, and WebAssembly
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Uno Platform - The UWP Bridge for iOS, Android and WebAssembly


What is the Uno Platform

The Uno Platform is an Universal Windows Platform Bridge to allow UWP based code to run on iOS, Android, and WebAssembly. It provides the full definitions of the UWP Spring Creators Update (17134), and the implementation of growing number parts of the UWP API, such as Windows.UI.Xaml, to enable applications to run on these platforms.

Use the UWP tooling from Windows in Visual Studio, such as XAML Edit and Continue and C# Edit and Continue, build your application as much as possible on Windows, then validate that your application runs on iOS, Android and WebAssembly.

Visit our documentation for more details.

Live WebAssembly Apps

Here's a list of live apps made with the Uno Platform for WebAssembly.

Let us know if you've made your app publicly available, we'll list it here!

Uno Features

Getting Started

To get started with Uno and build your first Uno app check out the QuickStart repository.

For a larger example and features demo:

Have questions? Feature requests? Issues?

Make sure to visit our FAQ, StackOverflow, create an issue or visit our gitter.


We're getting started, but there are many ways that you can contribute to the Uno Platform, as the UWP api is pretty large! Read our contributing guide to learn about our development process and how to propose bug fixes and improvements.