Playgrounds used in Presentations on Protocol Oriented Coordinators
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CodeMobile XCode.playground
SwiftConf XCode.playground
do iOS XCode.playground
do iOS.playgroundbook

Protocol Oriented Coordinators

These are the resulting playgrounds of my talk at SwiftConf 2016, do iOS 2016 and CodeMobile 2017

To play around with it, airdrop the SwiftConf.playgroundbook, do iOS.playgroundbook or CodeMobile.playgroundbook to you iPad running iOS 10 with Swift Playgrounds installed and it will automatically open.

Because Playground Books aren't compatible with the latest XCode, the files SwiftConf XCode.playground, do iOS XCode.playground and CodeMobile XCode.playground contain an XCode compatible version of the playground to play around with the code on the Mac. Unfortunately UIImagePickerController isn't working in XCode, so you have to use the iOS version to get that to work.

The Coordinator pattern is inspired on a talk by Soroush Khanlou at NSSpain.