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Clarified Map_1 and Map_2 in README.

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@@ -20,4 +20,16 @@ There is a [mailing list to discuss any issues](
1. Fork this project.
2. Edit the language you want to work on.
-3. Send a pull request to [Fraser Speirs](
+3. Send a pull request to [Fraser Speirs](
+## A note on Maps_1 and Maps_2 ##
+In Viewfinder, the same word is used in more than one place in the app. The comment should be enough to explain the context - if it's not, let me know.
+Any translation keys that end with an underscore and a digit are there to distinguish more than one usage of that word in the UI. For example, each photo has a "Map" item in the info popover that leads to a map of the photo's location. In that map view, there's then a segmented control for the different map types and the first segment is titled "Map".
+In English, these different uses always end up being the same word but other languages may not. It's OK if you end up with:
+> `"Map_1" = "Map"`
+> `"Map_2" = "Map"`

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