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Convenience Classes/VDSimpleFetchedResultsController
File Templates
User Scripts


Xcode Extensions

This repo holds some custom Xcode extensions that can be used to add functionality to Xcode in a simple way.

There are a few types of extensions:

  • Convenience Classes
  • File Templates
  • User Scripts

Convenience Classes

These classes can be randomly included in every project. They are either classes that capture common functionality or implementations that put categories on already existing framework objects.

File Templates

File templates are templates that are used to setup new source files when you choose File > New File... (Cmd+N) from the Xcode menu. They are intended to set you up instantly with a pre-written body of code that only needs to be configured once.

User Scripts

These are handy little scripts to automate some of your Xcode workflow. They can be installed in the Scripts menu, under Edit User Scripts...