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What is this?

A default template for a new CLI project, written in Python, to be used with the cookiecutter utility. Deals with all the boilerplate involved in the setuptools setup, etc.

How do I use this?

Here's my preferred path to bliss:

  1. Start by installing pipsi. It's awesome. Instructions here.
  2. Now install Cookiecutter: $ pipsi install cookiecutter.
  3. Now use Cookiecutter to create your brand new project: $ cookiecutter

How to answer these questions?

When running Cookiecutter, you'll need to provide some values. Here's what they're for:

  • project_name -- "My Tool" (Used for marketing. Keep it short and capitalize accordingly.)
  • repo_name -- "python-mytool" (Name of the GitHub repo.)
  • pypi_name -- "mytool" (Name on PyPI, i.e. what people type to pipsi install.)
  • script_name -- "my-tool" (Binary of the script, i.e. what people will run on the command line.)
  • package_name -- "my_tool" (Name of the Python module/package used internally.)


Liberally licensed under BSD terms.