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Git-it is a Git issue tracker, implemented in Python. Git-it can register
tickets alongside Git-managed source code for a project, to keep a managed list
of issues, bugs, features or tasks in sync with co-developers and to manage
project and milestone progress.
Typical commands to get started with git-it is:
- Initialize a new ticket database:
it init
- Push the ticket database branch to an upstream repo, if applicable:
git push origin git-it
- Other developers can now fetch the branch from an upstream repo, if
git fetch origin git-it
git co -b git-it origin/git-it
Then, typical workflow with git-it is:
- Retrieve all remote ticket changes:
it sync
- List all tickets:
it list
- Add a new ticket:
it new
- Take or let go of responsibility for a ticket
it take <ticket-id>
it leave <ticket-id>
- Close/reopen existing tickets:
it test <ticket-id>
it close <ticket-id>
it fix <ticket-id>
it reject <ticket-id>
it reopen <ticket-id>
- Finally, push out all of your changes to the central repo:
git push
Vincent Driessen <>
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