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Release date: 2010/07/22

  • New subcommands for git flow feature:

    • checkout:
      For easily checking out features by their short name. Even allows unique prefixes as arguments (see below).

    • pull:
      This subcommand allows you to painlessly work on a feature branch together with another peer. This is especially valuable for doing peer reviews of other people's code. For more detailed info, see the commit log.

  • Easier addressing of branch names by using name prefixes.
    For example, when using:

    git flow feature finish fo

    this automatically finishes the feature branch foobar if that's the only feature branch name starting with fo.

  • No force flag anymore for new feature branches
    git flow feature start lost its -f (force) flag. You now don't have to be in a clean repo anymore to start a new feature branch. This avoids the manual git stash, git flow feature start, git stash pop cycle.

  • You can use git-flow in stand-alone repo's now.
    This means it does not assume you have an origin repository. (Thanks Mark.)

  • No commands fetch from origin by default anymore.
    There were some issues related to disabling this flag on some platforms.

  • Init guesses branch names you may want to use for develop and master.

  • Added super-easy installation script. (Thanks Rick.)

  • Added BSD license.

Older versions

No change history is recorded for pre-0.3 releases.

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