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Added two FAQs.

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@@ -58,6 +58,38 @@ For Windows users, [msysgit]( is a good
starting place for installing git.
+* **Can I still do manual branches and merges when I use git-flow?**
+ Of course you can. ``git-flow`` does not forbid you to keep using vanilla Git
+ commands!
+ So if you want to merge `master` into `develop` for whatever reason you want
+ to, you can safely do so without breaking `git-flow` compatibility. Do you
+ want to manually merge a feature branch X into another feature branch Y? Not
+ a problem. As long as you do it conciously and realize what this means for
+ finishing those branches later on.
+* **I'm getting errors when I use flags with git-flow!**
+ ``git-flow`` uses the [shFlags]( library to
+ provide platform independent flag parsing (using wichever low-level flag
+ parsing libraries like `getopt` or `getopts` are available). However,
+ `shFlags` does not work too well on a few platforms that haven't been tested
+ originally. This results in errors like this:
+ flags:WARN getopt: option invalide -- 'f' -- 'init' flags:FATAL unable to parse provided options with getopt
+ The platforms that suffer these errors include:
+ - Gentoo
+ - Ubuntu
+ - Redhat Enterprise Linux
+ There are open issues related to this: #28 and #39. Unfortunately, there is
+ no simple fix for it and all hope is placed on the Python rewrite of
+ `git-flow`, see issue #33.
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