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Documented init -d flag and publish/pull

Documented the -d flag for init command

Added docs for feature push and feature pull
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@@ -83,13 +83,15 @@ in a Github fork, of course.
To initialize a new repo with the basic branch structure, use:
- git flow init
+ git flow init [-d]
This will then interactively prompt you with some questions on which branches
you would like to use as development and production branches, and how you
would like your prefixes be named. You may simply press Return on any of
those questions to accept the (sane) default suggestions.
+The ``-d`` flag will accept all defaults.
### Creating feature/release/hotfix/support branches
@@ -101,6 +103,11 @@ those questions to accept the (sane) default suggestions.
For feature branches, the `<base>` arg must be a commit on `develop`.
+* To push/pull a feature branch to the remote repository, use:
+ git flow feature publish <name>
+ git flow feature pull <remote> <name>
* To list/start/finish release branches, use:
git flow release

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