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@@ -21,15 +21,15 @@ If you're on a Mac and use [MacPorts](, it's simple:
Another easy way to install git-flow is using Rick Osborne's excellent git-flow
installer, which can be run using the following command:
- $ wget -q -O - | sudo sh
+ $ wget -q -O - | sudo sh
### Windows
#### Using Cygwin
For Windows users who wish to use the automated install, it is suggested that you install [Cygwin](
first to install tools like `git`, `util-linux` and `wget` (with those three being packages that can be selected
during installation). Then simply run this command from a Cygwin shell:
- $ wget -q -O - | sh
+ $ wget -q -O - | sh
#### Using msysgit
This is much like the manual installation below, but there are additional steps required to install some extra tools that

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