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Move the FAQ over to the Wiki on Github.

I hope this makes it easier for people to contribute to git-flow.
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-* **Can I still do manual branches and merges when I use git-flow?**
- Of course you can. `git-flow` does not forbid you to keep using vanilla Git
- commands!
- So if you want to merge `master` into `develop` for whatever reason you want
- to, you can safely do so without breaking `git-flow` compatibility. Do you
- want to manually merge a feature branch X into another feature branch Y? Not
- a problem. As long as you do it conciously and realize what this means for
- finishing those branches later on.
-* **Why does git-describe not work for me?**
- When finishing release and hotfix branches, that branch's HEAD is first
- merged into `master` and then into `develop`. It is not the resulting new
- merge commit from `master` that is merged back into `develop`. This means
- that a linear path from the new `develop` branch to the new `master` commit
- is not created. Even worse, a linear path is created from the new `develop`
- branch to the *previous* `master` commit. Although unintended, this is
- simply an effect of using the current branching rules.
- When using `git-describe` in these cases, you can get very confusing and
- misleading results, since `git-describe` scans the current commits linear
- history for the most recent tag it finds, which will always be the *previous*
- tag.
- I will change this behaviour in the next version of the branching model
- explicitly and I will include this behavioural change in the first version of
- the Python rewrite.
- For more references to this problem, see:
- - Issue [#49](
- - These
- [two](\_thread/thread/9920a7df3d1c4908/0bb18a0bf7275ad6#0bb18a0bf7275ad6)
- [discussions](\_thread/thread/19efac724bb6418a)
- on the [git-flow-users](
- mailinglist.
-* **Can I use it with Windows?**
- There have been reports of Windows users using `git-flow`.
- <del>Un</del>fortunately, I have no Windows environment to test it on, but
- this [issue]( should be
- helpful in setting it up.
+See the [FAQ]( section of the project Wiki.
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