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Update the README to reflect the new subcommand structure.

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@@ -5,17 +5,9 @@ for Vincent Driessen's [branching model]( "original
blog post").
-Release 0.1
-A quick release of version 0.1 has arrived. The main scripts are functional and
-should be usable under "normal" use.
-There have barely been any real-world tests, but I encourage you to start using
-it actively. [Feedback]( is also very
-welcome. See the "Please help out" section below, also.
-**Make sure to validate the modifications to your repo after running any of the
-`git-flow` commands, before pushing them permanently.**
+> In release 0.2, the order of the arguments has changed to provide a logical
+> subcommand hierarchy.
Installing git-flow
@@ -60,35 +52,31 @@ Example uses:
git flow init
-* To start a new feature branch, use:
- git flow start feature <name> [<base>]
- git flow start feature foo-support
- `base` is `develop` by default.
-* To finish this feature and have it merged into `develop`, use:
- git flow finish feature <name>
- git flow finish feature foo-support
+* List all feature branches:
-* To start a new release branch for 2.0, based on the 1.1 production release, use:
+ git flow feature
- git flow start release <release>
- git flow start release 2.0
+* To list/start/finish feature branches, use:
-* To finish the release branch (i.e. to make an actual production release), use:
+ git flow feature
+ git flow feature start <name> [<base>]
+ git flow feature finish <name>
- git flow finish release <release>
- git flow finish release 2.0
+ (`base` is `develop` by default)
+* To list/start/finish release branches, use:
-* To start a new hotfix branch for 2.1, based on the 2.0 production release, use:
+ git flow release
+ git flow release start <release>
+ git flow release finish <release>
- git flow start hotfix <release> [<base-release>]
- git flow start hotfix 2.1 2.0
+* To list/start/finish hotfix branches, use:
-* To finish the hotfix branch, use:
+ git flow hotfix start <release> [<base-release>]
+ git flow hotfix finish <release>
+* To list/start support branches, use:
- git flow finish hotfix <release>
- git flow finish hotfix 2.1
+ git flow support
+ git flow support start <release> [<base-release>]

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