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Added installation instructions for Windows users

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@@ -12,6 +12,11 @@ git-flow installer, which can be run using the following command:
$ wget -q -O - | sudo sh
+For Windows users who wish to use the automated install, it is suggested that you install Cygwin

Dykam Aug 27, 2010

It is possible to do it with only msysgit and gnuwin32 for people not wanting to resort to a linux emu/cygwin.

+first to install tools like sh and wget. Then simply follow the command:
+ c:\Users\<user> wget -q -O - | sh
If you prefer a manual installation, please use the following instructions.
After downloading the sources from Github, also fetch the submodules:

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jptoto replied Aug 27, 2010

It SHOULD be because msysgit uses the msys libs but I haven't tried that. Theoretically you should be able to add wget and sh to your msysgit bin folder and it'll work.

As far as I can remember I missed some other tools, but in the end it was less hassle, and is the least hassle when using it in production, to use a non-cygwin aproach.


jptoto replied Aug 27, 2010

You are probably right. And it's much cleaner on a production system to do it your way. On a dev system, though, I like cygwin since it's just click once :-)

Oh, I also mean dev, as it creates some conflicts in workflow using linux and windows command line mixed. (Path issues, etc).

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