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Add link to git-flow-completion project.

Also, invite users to help out on the git-flow completion for zsh.
Personal itch that needs some serious scratching :)
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@@ -31,6 +31,21 @@ Or simply point your `PATH` environment variable to your git-flow checkout
+Integration with your shell
+For those who use the [Bash]( shell, please
+check out the excellent work on the
+[git-flow-completion]( project
+by [bobthecow]( It offers tab-completion for all
+git-flow subcommands and branch names.
+If you are a [zsh]( user with some plugin-writing
+experience, please help us develop a
+[completion plugin](
+for zsh, too. Please contact me on [Github](
+or [Twitter]( to discuss details.
Please help out
This project is still under development. Feedback and suggestions are very

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