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@@ -4,29 +4,51 @@ A collection of Git wrapper scripts to provide high-level repository operations
for Vincent Driessen's [branching model]( "original
blog post").
-Please help out
-This project is yet unimplemented. And yes, I mean unimplemented. There are no
-scripts yet, but I will use this README file as the "design document" for now,
-so people may start collaborating on it.
-Feel free to fork this repo and to commit your additions.
+Release 0.1
+A quick release of version 0.1 has arrived. The main script are functional and
+should be usable under "normal" use.
+There have barely been any real-world tests, but I encourage you to start using
+it actively. [Feedback]( is also very
+welcome. See the "Please help out" section below, also.
+**Make sure to validate the modifications to your repo after running any of the
+`gitflow` commands, before pushing them permanently.**
+Installing gitflow
+There isn't a real Unix installer available, but the project is so small that
+installing it is easy.
-Initially, the following subcommands to `gitflow` should be created:
+- Put the `gitflow` directory anywhere on your Unix `PATH` variable; or
+- Run:
+ $ git clone git://
+ $ cd gitflow
+ $ cp gitflow* /usr/local/bin
-* `start`
-* `finish`
-Those subcommands could work on branch types:
+Please help out
+This project is still under development. What is available today is merely its
+foundation. However, it is functional in its current form and should be usable
+under normal use. (Don't try to create multiple release branches next to each
+other and stuff like that, yet.)
+Feedback and suggestions are very welcome and I encourage you to use the
+[Issues list]( on Github to provide that
+Feel free to fork this repo and to commit your additions.
-* `feature`
-* `release`
-* `hotfix`
+Example uses:
* To start a new feature branch, use:

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